Old Habits Remains In Vegas Amidst Coronavirus Threat

Old Habits Remains In Vegas Amidst Coronavirus
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Lots of things changed while the world battles the invisible enemy, the coronavirus pandemic. The virus stole people’s lives and changed the economic landscape of many nations. Many believe that things will never go back to pre-coronavirus conditions, and social distancing is the new normal.

A cure for the pathogen might be discovered, but the fear of contagion of dangerous viruses will remain. Experts believe that people will give more importance to health and safety after the pandemic. Establishments will continue adopting hygiene and sanitary protocols as they resume their businesses.

It was also predicted that people would rely more on technology because of their hesitance to socialize. Everyone saw the importance of online services during the prolonged government lockdowns. Everything changed, except for old habits. Old habits never change.

Las Vegas casinos welcome guests with lots of changes

Patrons saw lots of changes during the reopening of casinos in Las Vegas. The casinos adopted hygiene protocols as mandated by industry regulators.

Guests and clients wore masks all the time as they exercise social distancing inside the casinos. Every casino in Las Vegas initiated measures to protect employees and guests.

Caesars provides masks in the entrance of its casinos while Bellagio installed a giant hand washing station on the casino floor. Even the Las Vegas dancing dealers wear face shields. The coronavirus pandemic changed lots of things in the casinos.

Players were limited in table games, and everyone needs to wait in line to purchase needs in shops. People needed to wait for others to leave before they can enjoy the luxurious pool area of some casinos in Las Vegas.

Despite the new guidelines, casino operators in the state made sure the guests go home, bringing with them the fun and exciting feeling of the old Vegas.

Things that didn’t change in Vegas

Many things changed in Vegas, but some things remained the same. Resort fees in most of the venues remained the same. Bellagio and Caesars Palace retained resort fees at $45 to $50 a night. Some other resorts offer lower accommodation fees after the reopening.

Many venues continued serving free drinks on the casino floor the whole day. People still drink beer or cocktail drinks at 6:00 a.m. During the first days of the reopening, few people visited Vegas, but people flooded the floor on the weekends. Guests, drinking habits never changed.

Many casinos in the state continued allowing people to smoke inside the venue. Nevada casinos allowed burning inside, unlike casinos in other states.

Wearing of masks in Las Vegas casinos is advised but not compulsory. It was observed during the reopening that 80 percent of guests did not wear masks during the first day of the reopening.

ATMs in Las Vegas continued charging $7.99 or $8.99 in every cash withdrawal. People’s love of gambling never changed.

They still traveled miles to get to the gambling venues. They always wait in long lines to get inside the gambling venues. Experts predict that the gambling industry will recover faster than other sectors.

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