PayPerHead Agents Witness Rise In Online Casino Gaming

PayPerHead Agents Witness Rise In Online Casino Gaming
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Image: Shutterstock, a sportsbook technology company, reported an increase in online gaming during sports shutdown. The company wanted to determine the impact of sports shutdown on the sector. The result revealed that online gaming rose since March until the end of May.

The shutdown of significant sports event around the globe caused people to seek for alternative entertainment while they were trapped in their homes. Google reported in recent months that search for online gaming and casinos significantly increased. Subscriptions and logins in many online gaming sites increased.

People were drawn to online gambling because of its accessibility. People can play their favourite casino games while sitting comfortably on their couch. Online gaming also offers massive options for the gamblers.

Gamblers no longer need to travel miles to place their bets. Closures of sports events and casinos paved the way to a more attractive level of gaming.

PayPerHead, the online sportsbook software provider

PayPerHead, established in 1997, owns the most successful online sportsbook software in the world.

The company is proud of its advanced sports betting technology, and it currently provides tech support to more than 15,000 bookies around the globe.

PayPerHead and its partners believe that entertainment is fundamental in sports betting. The company is focused on creatively developing new products to entertain patrons of the gambling industry. The company provides an online platform for many digital offerings, including iRacing, eSports, casino gaming, and simulated sports.

The services of the company supported the casino industries during the pandemic. The company saw how sports bettor changed their habits and sought new entertainment in digital casinos and live dealer casino games.

The rise in online casino gaming

The company reported a massive increase in subscriptions to live dealer casinos. The company’s live dealer casino games revenue increased by 317 per cent from January to May. It’s digital casino revenue increased by 185 per cent. The figures showed the potential of live dealer casinos to grow exponentially.

Nate Johnson, Product Manager at PayPerHear, said live dealer casinos provide a Las Vegas-type entertainment to gamblers. He said that players are allowed to stream live dealer games in their phones and other gadgets through the company’s platform. He noted that digital casinos are cool, but many players wanted more human interaction.

The manager invited other PayPerHead agents to offer a live dealer casino to their offerings. He said that things wouldn’t go back to normal in Las Vegas, and agents of the company can compete with the offerings of traditional casinos.

Many doubt if the success of digital and live dealer casinos could continue after the crisis. However, figures from the company revealed that the shutdowns of sports events did not cause an upward trend. The report predicted that growth in digital and live dealer casinos would remain after the pandemic.

The company reported that the revenue of digital casino increased from $63.519 million in January to $93.323 million in February and gained $110.758 mmillion in the next month.

It was revealed that the income from live dealer casinos increased from $9.95 million in January to $12.02 million in February, continuing the trend to $22.82 million in March.

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