Playtech Expands Existing Partnership With Europe’s Fortuna

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The gambling industry is moving towards digitalization. Many land-based casinos are signing deals with tech companies to sell their products in a broader market.

Playtech has expanded its partnership with Fortuna, the leading gaming and sports betting operator in Central and Eastern Europe, to extend its influence in the Czech Republic.

Going digital is the new trend in the gambling industry. The novel coronavirus boosted the influence of online gambling since people are trapped in their home with gadgets as their only entertainment.

Many people shifted their attention to online gambling services like casinos and sportsbooks.

Most land-based casinos adapted to the changing gambling market by partnering with tech companies. The partnership between the two companies is beneficial for both parties. Tech companies add new casino offerings to the casino’s portfolio while the casinos bring the products to the local market, setting foothold for the tech firm.

Playtech launches Native Casino app

The expansion of the partnership allowed Playtech to launch the user-end version of its Native Casino app through the operations of Fortuna. The partnership will enhance the portfolio of slots for the gambling operator while cementing the influence of Playtech in the Czech Republic.

The integration of Fortuna’s casino offering in Playtech’s IMS platform in Poland paved the way for the expansion of the agreement in the Czech Republic. The partnership flourished when the migration of the omnichannel sportsbooks of Fortuna in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and Playtech’s platform turned out successful. The two companies plan to expand their operations in Romania and Croatia.

The Native Casino app launched by Playtech allows casino operators to customize and add new sections and promotions to the home screen. It is available in 24 languages and developed to adapt to a wide range of regulatory requirements.

Playtech aims at improving the platform by adding more languages and improvements focused on changing regulations. The platform was first introduced in the market in 2016 and was used in by many casino operators ever since.

Expansion of omnichannel solutions for Fortuna’s Czech operations

The latest version of Playtech’s Native Casino app allowed the tech company to expand operations in the Czech gambling market. The app works in both Android and iOS devices. Gamblers in the Czech Republic can now enjoy Fortuna CZ games in their cellphones which adds to the slot games provided by Playtech such as Buffalo Blitz, Ways of the Phoenix, and White King.

Gamblers could enjoy playing roulette and blackjack games on the app.

Anton Golikov, Playtech Program Manager, commented that they are delighted to support Fortuna’s expansion of casino games portfolio. He added that they are working very closely with the partner company in providing bespoke versions of the Native Casino app.

Fortuna’s Group Head of Product Development David Vozábal expressed the company’s delight with the swift progress of the gambling app. He noted they would open up a truly native experience for their patrons by tackling potential technical restraints.

Playtech’s Director of Casino James Frendo revealed that the partnership stood firm since Playtech introduced its omnichannel casino solutions for Fortuna.

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