Your guide to choosing your next company car

Your guide to choosing your next company car

There’s a great deal of turmoil today in the UK, especially where cars are concerned. Many people struggle to afford to pick up their own, even when they’re desperate so that they can get the shopping done or zip off to work. There’s also the case that UK car production has started to take a sudden plunge in lieu of Brexit, so there’s numerous difficulties there too.

Consequently, if you have the perk of picking out your very own company car, you’re in an extremely fortunate position. Still, it’s not smooth sailing from here; your choice is an important one, so it’s important you choose your company car for the right reasons!

Consequently, here’s a quick guide to help you choose your next company car.


Low emissions

To curb emissions, people with cars that’re pumping out poison on the planet are being taxed more on their fuel. With electric or low-emission vehicles now coming to the fore of public consciousness, it’d be more cost efficient (and ethical) for you to pick out one of these vehicles. After all, you’ll be benefiting both yourself and the environment!

In modern times, it’s also fashionable to care about the big picture too. These kinds of vehicles aren’t a sacrifice, but a trendy addition to anyone’s vehicle portfolio. Invest in something that’s designed to touch on all bases here, and you can go to bed at night guilt free about the state of the planet!


Just a company car?

It’s also the case that company cars aren’t ‘just’ company cars. You’ll also use them to take you elsewhere; shopping, trips to your parent’s house, running the kids to school, and so forth. It might then be worth considering if you want a very professional looking vehicle, or something that favours your overall lifestyle a little more.

Perhaps try to pick a company car that doesn’t seem to value just one way of living or driving. A bit of variety never hurt anybody, so a car that’s more adaptable and varied in its features might just work for you a little bit better. Ultimately, be sure to take your personal circumstances into consideration. Companies like Peter Vardy will undoubtedly have something to your liking!


Changing needs

Company cars can only rarely be changed once the deals have gone through. Of course, this depends entirely on how accommodating your boss is. Nevertheless, don’t just think about the present when choosing a company car; think about the future too!

Are you planning to have a family in a couple of years? What about a dog? Were you intending to undertake some travelling in a nearby mountainous region? These may all seem like far-fetched or far away events, but they do happen and if and when they do, your company car might need to accommodate it all. Once again, go for something that’s a bit more flexible.



A lot needs to be considered when it comes to company cars, but given enough careful consideration, you’ll make the right choice. Try to make it one-time choice, before buying something for the now and not the future also. From emissions to the amount of usage, once it’s all in mind you’ll make a smarter and more informed decision.



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