How to Plan Your Financial Future

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Financial planning is an incredibly important skill and one which could have an enormous impact on your life in both the short and long-term. Despite its importance, financial planning is an area that many people struggle with because it is not taught in schools and many people never take the time to learn how to manage their finances.

Saving for the Future

One of the crucial aspects of financial planning is having the forward vision to think ahead to your retirement. These will be years that you will want to enjoy but in order for this to be possible it is likely that you will need to have some savings tucked away in addition to your pension. You do not want to have to worry about money when you start to get older so the earlier you start planning the better.

Emergency Fund

In addition to planning for the long-term, it is also intelligent to have an emergency fund which will help you to manage any difficult periods, such as if you lose your job, need a new car or an expensive repair on the house. It is recommended that you have around 6 months of expenses saved up so that you can manage if you were to lose your job.


Investing can be an excellent way to supplement your income without having to put in extra work. If you are able to invest in safe, low-risk investments and diversify your portfolio you could create a steady stream of income over the years which will help you to improve your financial situation and build towards your retirement (and continue to earn even after retiring). Investing can be daunting, so it is best to speak to the best financial advisors London has to offer, who can advise on investing and helping you to achieve your financial goals.


One of the most important steps to take is to create a monthly budget for your household which will help you to control your spending. This should detail all of the money coming into the house along with regular expenses so that you can get a clear overview and find areas where you could be making savings. You could also adopt a budgeting strategy, such as the jam jar budget where a percentage of income goes into different expenses or “jars”, such as motoring costs, bills, rent, food and savings.

Eliminate Debt

It is impossible to achieve financial freedom and independence with debt over your head. This is why you need to work debt payments into your budget so that you can gradually pay off your debt and start fresh.

It is never too late to start financial planning and it can make a big difference to your life in both the short and long term so it is highly worth doing, especially if you often worry about money.

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