WHO launches Blockchain platform to combat COVID19

As the world faces the ongoing deadly coronavirus pandemic, government around the world are looking for alternative tools in order to contain the spread of the virus.

Authorities are now looking towards tech and blockchain companies to help them track data from health workers. Authorities are looking to use this data in order to create a map that will help them track people who have high risk of exposure and infection.

The World Health Organization, and the United States Center for Disease Control, along with other international agencies are now looking towards IBM’s Blockchain Platform. Authorities said that IBM’s platform will provide the necessary support for them to be able to stream data into the MiPasa Project.

Information from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and other similar agencies said that IBM’s Blockchain Platform would support a data streaming service for the MiPasa Project.

IBM has been engaged by purpose-driven entities, having meaningful projects like MiPasa that are designed to have an impact on the outcomes during this time of crisis.


MiPasa: Integrating data at scale


The MiPasa Blockchain technology uses big data analytics to analyze data provided by health workers on the Covid-19 pandemic.

The WHO press release revealed that the blockchain platform was made to ease the synthesizing of data sources. It is designed to address inconsistencies and identify errors or misreporting. The new platform also allows the integration of trusted new information.

Furthermore, the creators of Mipasa hope that this tool can help technologists, data scientists, and public health officials by giving them the data they need at scale to respond. It is also expected to help in formulating solutions useful in controlling the covid-19 pandemic.

The blockchain-based platform is slated to host an array soon of publicly accessible analytics tools too. Mipasa describes the new platform’s reliability and accessibility as a “verifiable information highway.”


Officials help the Mipasa platform and vice versa

The Mipasa platform is supported by a variety of professionals in many specialized fields, including health, software and app development, and data privacy, in making it easy to gather reliable and quality data. The group aims to make the data accessible to appropriate entities that support Mipasa.

The onboarding is done through the Unbounded Network, which is running a production version of The Linux Foundation’s Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric on multiple clouds, IBM has been amongst the early supporters.

IBM helps more participants to collaborate openly, through permissioned and non-permissioned blockchains and has been in production since 2018. The blockchain-based platform was created for the attested coronavirus data built on Hyperledger Fabric.

MiPasa can already access information from agencies that integrates their platform with the simple use of APIs. These organizations include the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, the Israeli Public Health Ministry, and other qualified agencies.

The WHO believes that the study, collate, and collection of Covid data, including spread and containment, is much easier with the use of the MiPasa platform. The project is useful in monitoring and forecasting local and global trends about the pandemic. The WHO also believes that the MiPasa project helps detect asymptomatic carriers through sharing big data on infection records and occurrences globally to powerful AI processors around the globe.


MiPasa was launched with the collaboration of private companies, including IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, and other supporters like and the John Hopkins University. A robust data platform lays a foundation for helping to solve many other problems; MiPasa is starting to get off the ground.

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