Rising Online Casinos Change Industry Landscape

Rising Online Casinos Change Industry Landscape
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More and more states are relaxing their regulations on online betting and gaming. States, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Las Vegas, started regulating and licensing online casino operations.

Speculations arose that the popularity of online casinos poses a huge threat to bricks and mortar casinos. However, the swarm of people visiting land-based casinos during the reopening negated the claims.

The rise of online betting and gaming is inevitable, as new technology and gadgets rapidly appear in the market. The landscape of gambling in the US will change as online gambling fits in, but people will continue their old habits of going into an actual casino.

Gaming industry goes digital

As the world tends to go digital, services and entertainment are expected to follow. Traditional casinos are expected to follow the trend. The novel coronavirus made many operators realize the need to develop their online casino platforms.

Gambling will soon turn digital. People have started playing simple casino games online since 1996 at the first online casino. Internet speed and technology are not yet fully developed during that time, but gamblers were still hooked.

Developments in information and communications technology allowed people to play casino games faster and with better resolution. Now, people are free to choose multiple game titles from various online casino platforms. Many casinos showcased different titles for slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack that gamblers can play in the comfort of their homes.

Mobile games as a game-changer

Data showed that there are around 2.2 billion mobile gamers in the world as of 2019. The report also said that 56 percent of the gamblers played at least ten hours per week. The rise of mobile gaming contributed a lot to the entire online gambling market. The online gaming market is estimated at $53 billion in 2019.

Industry experts projected growth to reach $95 billion by the end of 2025. Experts also noted the vast contribution of mobile gaming to the growth of the industry. Many land-based casinos started their move to develop their casino platforms. During the lockdowns, casinos moved to license online gambling platforms in their respective states.

The online gambling industry has attracted new types of players. Experts saw a shifting trend in people’s attitudes towards casinos and gambling after governments ease regulations. Casinos reached a broader market, offering their services to people without access to land-based casinos.

Online casinos paved the way for casual players who wanted to play some amount without needing to go inside an actual casino. People with limited mobility, including single parents, elderly folks, and those with medical problems, were given access to casinos. Its accessibility contributed a lot to its growing success.

Reports said that around 283.1 million people in the US and Canada are mobile phone users. It is a broad market for the online casino industry.

The growing interest of people to play online casino games is expected to increase their interest in playing in actual casinos. Therefore, the rise in the online casino could also mean advertisement for traditional casinos.

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