Gambling Companies Prepare For Betting Surge As Premier League Returns

Premier League Returns
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The British government recently issued a warning aimed towards betting companies. As the Premier League returns, the government said that there will be a surge of betting as people are excited for the return of the league after more than three months in lockdown.

Regulators and anti-gambling advocates said that there will be a surge in terms of advertising and marketing once the league returns. They argue that this will result in a frenzy and flurry of bets as the league resumes some form of normalcy.

In order to curb this frenzy, Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston urged many gambling companies not to take advantage of it. Many believe that the resumption of the league will result to frenzy of bets, as well as bookmakers trying to recoup lost revenue due to the pandemic.

Gambling regulations must be followed

In a statement, Minister Huddleston said, “We’re all excited by the football’s return and the chance to watch over a third of Premier League games on free-to-air television. However with live sport’s resumption it is vital that people are encouraged to gamble responsibly and are protected from the risk of gambling-related harm.”

Minister Huddleston added that the government will be reviewing the Gambling Act in order to make sure that amendments are made for it to be relevant in today’s digital age. The minister’s comment was made just days after a group of 50 highly influential MPs published a report and made the call to ban all advertisements related to gambling.

Many in the industry are crying foul over the proposal and urge the government to properly study the proposal. It is important to note here that 27 out of the 44 clubs playing in the Premier League and Championship have sponsorships from the gambling and betting industry.

Response from the industry

The betting and gambling industry is one of the badly hit industries because of the coronavirus lockdown. In April, Minister Huddleston reached out to the five biggest operators in the country – Bet365, Flutter, GVC, William Hill, and Sky Bet – urging them to impose regulations that will protect customers during the lockdown.

Earlier this week, the same five companies pledge more than £100 million to GambleAware, a charitable organization that helps and treats problem gamblers.

Despite the work being done by both the government and the gambling industry, many industry experts that the effort is not enough to curb problem gambling. With more than three months of lockdown, people are overly enthusiastic to return to gamble and this could result in panic and frenzy bets.

There are also concerns that gambling will most like surge with the return of the Premier League. Despite the return of the league, fans are still barred from entering the stadium and instead have to resort to their television sets. This could spark a surge in online gambling and betting since people have more time at home.

A recent report reveals that gambling companies are looking to capitalize into this massive enthusiasm from fans. A report from Sportsmail revealed that almost all gambling and betting companies are now offering free bets on their online platforms and mobile apps.

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