Harbor View Landing Casino In Mystic Ready To Accept Guests

Harbor View Landing Casino In Mystic
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Harbor View Landing, owned by Matt McCormack, is now ready to provide an exciting casino experience to casino goers. Patrons can now enjoy an enjoyable gaming experience while enjoying the beautiful view of the Mystic River.

Investments in casinos take a lot of courage, especially now that competition goes online. Mr McCormack never regretted when he placed his bet on casinos. The owner bought around 2 acres of land in the Willow point neighbourhood near the Mystic Shipyard.

The place two years ago is home for teenagers who wanted to hang out and do risky things. The site is a wreck, but the beautiful view of the river is visible. Mr McCormack transformed the place into one of the high-end resorts in the region. He said everyone thought he was crazy when he purchased the property, but things worked out well.

Harbor View Landing is now open for business

The new Harbor View Landing can accommodate guests in its eight living units. Lots of activities are prepared for its patrons in its eight building. The owner said they are ready to offer a year-round place for weddings and other events.

Mr McCormack was the previous owner of QDiscovery LLC, a data-management firm in London. He now owns the Mystic Indoor Sports. Harbor View Landing celebrated its soft opening during the Memorial Day Weekend in 2019. His wife, Hannah Peil, manage the Hotel.

The Hotel shut down in mid-March because of the government lockdown aimed to curve the spread of the deadly disease. The owner decided to reopen the casino following the move of the government to relax measures on June 17. Gove. Ned Lamont allowed some businesses, including casinos, to operate in the 2nd phase of the reopening of the state.

Since then, Harbor View Landing started accepting guests during the weekends. The resort limited its operations to half of its capacity during weekdays. The resort is now competing with other big names in the state.

McCormack said the Hotel is the most expensive place to visit in Mystic. An overnight stay in the resort could range from $350 to $1000, which is dependent on the type of unit. The general manager bragged that there are lots of activities in the resort.

An ideal location for the casino

The owner reported to host big events like weddings last fall, and he projected more this year. He said that Mystic is a perfect location for its business. He noted that at least 7 per cent of the US population is located near the place. He added that it could guarantee 40 per cent of the nation’s wealth.

Ms Peil said the location is home for high-end restaurants and shops that could provide quality services for the guests.

The owner said they’ve received massive traffic of calls since the lockdowns were lifted. He mentioned that they implemented a two-day minimum stay to accommodate more patrons. The resort assured to provide enjoyable amenities, with non-stop water access, to families who wanted to hang out.

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