France’s Cinemas, Casinos Scheduled To Reopen

France restart after the covid lockdown
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Economies worldwide start to resume activities hoping to recover losses brought by project spending and business shutdowns.

Governments resume activities in phases, allowing businesses to continue to work based on necessity. Many casinos continued business in the second phase of reopening.

The coronavirus hit Europe hard. It infected more than 2,000,000 people, with the UK at more than 304,331. The UK ranks second in Europe with the most number of coronavirus cases. The number continues to rise with the absence of medicine and vaccine.

Despite the continuous increase in coronavirus contagion, France allowed cinemas and casinos to reopen doors to patrons on Sunday. The massive crowd during the reopening showed that people are eager to go back to the usual things they do.

France moves on from the coronavirus nightmares

France is one of the hardest-hit countries in Europe during the first months of the new coronavirus spread. The country suffered more than 29,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic. The state ended the extraordinary powers given to its government to stop the spread of the deadly virus on July 11.

Government data showed a decline in the number of cases that allowed the government to lift the lockdown. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said they wish to end the state of emergency as health data shows excellent progress.

The French cabinet will approve new legislation that will restrict freedom of movement, require wearing masks in public transport, nearby businesses, and restrict people from gathering for an additional four months.

The government eased many restrictions to slowly reopen the economy, allowing shops, resorts, and other tourist attractions to operate.

The streets of France gathered people as its midsummer music festival started.

The horror of the novel coronavirus was briefly forgotten as people enjoy the annual Festival of Music. The 2020 event brought the music of known artists like Jean-Micheal Jarre on the streets through a live virtual avatar concert.

France’s Casinos reopens

Casinos in France will start accepting guests starting Monday. Casinos are expected to open following strict health and safety guidelines, in line with government protocols. Guests and employees are mandated to wear protective masks inside the gambling venues.

Social distancing practices are required inside the gambling facilities. Casinos will implement temperature screenings before entry. Operators are expecting their patrons to go back to the gambling facilities starting Monday.

Casino reopening in other countries turned successful.

Las Vegas reopening raised stocks as investors placed their bets on the reopening. Operators in the US saw an increasing number of patrons visiting the casinos every day.

Casinos in France expects a similar situation. France has a long history of gambling, and the reopening will give people the chance to release pressure accumulated from months of horror and death.

The French government gradually resumed classes as the cases of the virus continued to decline. Some sports resumed schedules, but combat sports remained restricted until policy review by September.

The government plans to allow the reopening of nightclubs in September, depending on the figures presented by the health department. Trade fairs and international cruises are expected to continue by September.

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