Shape Games Co-Founder Indicates Their Plan To Go Completely Native

shape games completely native
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The co-founder at Shape Games, Nicolas Linde says that notwithstanding the delays occurring, the gaming sector is fully intended to become entirely native. Shape Games is a company offering virtual products through its digital studio.

The co-founder states that this transformation is in response to tech-giant Apple’s revolutionary announcement made in the previous summer. The announcement states that gambling operators will be required to transform their applications in a way that they are native to the operating system of Apple iPhones. 

Various other operators were not very much enthusiastic about such terms and requirements. Many of them showed their inability to become apt with the required changes and comply with the new directive, which will be issued by Apple. 

Although, Apple has announced some list of deadlines after analyzing the situation. The latest list of deadlines required that operators must transform their applications to make them free from HTML5 by 30th June. 

However, the deadline has gone without providing any specific justification. Maybe it has been delayed considering the pandemic and stoppage on the work of various businesses.  

Has Era of HTML5 Come to an End? 

Although there are continuous delays in the process, the co-founder at Shape Games believes such actions and activities reflect that HTML5 games for mobiles are not going to compete in the market for long. Apple is likely to remove apps that are not native and lack features that would meet its futuristic vision.

However, it seems that this is going to take some time, following the turmoil going on in the world businesses and industries. Soon, operators who will be trying to add to their HTML5 content will observe rejection of the updates they are trying to sideload.  

He says that one of the most interesting things about this action is that it has taken a potential period to come up to this stage. It has been a long time since the concerns regarding the security of HTML5 are surging the concerns of various operators and other stakeholders.

Apart from that, it is also true that entirely native applications are effective at offering enhanced user experience. As an example, one can certainly consider Danske Spil’s Oddset app, which has been recognized internationally. 

Well, then only one question arises and that is, what is keeping operators from transforming their apps? 

The Cause of Delay 

The major cause behind the delay has been the cost associated with the transformation. For various operators, this transition is more likely a burden. Various European legal procedures like compliance activities make operators reluctant to get into something like that. 

Recently, the pressures surrounding the regulatory concerns over CPAs, industry linking, and advertising barriers have diverted the operator’s concern from native apps.  However, Apple has taken it quite seriously and has opted for tangible actions. 

Apple’s Move

Apple has taken this initiative after examining the increase in regulated markets.  In various popular regulated gambling markets, it is observed that players are rather likely to choose operators offering more native apps.  

As mobile gambling is taking over the entire sector, native gaming is certainly going to enhance the appeal of mobile gambling bringing more competitors. Native apps are certainly a tool to offer innovative as well as an intense gaming experience.  

The container apps are not sufficient to deliver the need of the hour. They need to be potential data-oriented and highly personalized to stay in the competition. People these days are relying on app store reviews in order to make their decisions, hence operators must make efforts to bring innovations in the market. 

After Apple’s announcement and decision, the transition to fully native apps is no longer a choice, it is an important requirement. 

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