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Aspers Group traces its roots to the creation of legal casinos in the UK from the early 60s. Today, the whole casino industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Some of these challenges is the high-profile regulatory actions against some operators. Despite these challenges, some casinos continue to do what they do best, delighting their guests on every visit in a safe environment.

About Aspers Group

Aspers Group approach is based on international standards, with quality restaurants, popular bars, large capacity poker tournament zones, community spaces, and the latest game products. The increased regulatory have made an impact on all casino companies, but the Group has risen to the challenge, implemented the required changes, and still has an impressive group performance.

Land-based casinos tend not to think of female players, however, there is a high percentage of female employees in Aspers management. Simply put, the casino industry has been dominated by males and it was difficult to attract women into senior management positions.

In addition, the Group made sure to add a significant number of women within the management team: General Manager of Stratford, Head of Regulatory Compliance and Audit, Head of Marketing, HR Managers in each of their properties.

The Head of Electronic Gaming and the Head of Catering is exclusive for Stratford property. Fortunately, as the industry continues to evolve, the demographics are changing as well. More women become guests and many more take on the senior management positions.

The 1968 Act & The 2005 Act

Aspers Group operates four casinos in the UK: Two casinos under the 1968 Act and two under the 2005 Act. In order to deliver the right balance between entertainment and casino, it is important that a property offers a number of recreation services and casino products.

The venues in Stratford and Milton Keynes are under the 2005 Act and are able to offer both leisure and casino services. They are allowed to have games from bingo to sports betting, from afternoon teas to social events in the slots club, and from comedy nights to weekend DJs.

The venues are meeting the needs of their guests. Meanwhile, the venues that are under the 1968 Act offer similar leisure, however, bingo and sports betting are not allowed and the slots are limited. Overall, the offering is not enough.

In other words, there are three classifications for a land-based casino in the UK. In Aspers management meetings, the team always receives recommendations, to look at the business through the eyes of their guests.

The guests are visiting them to be entertained and the level of expectations is needed to be exceeded. Guests don’t understand the classifications of land-based casinos, all they want is to find a safe and friendly environment, with quality restaurants, and great guest service.

The casinos that are under the 1968 Act can only have 20 slot machines, while the casinos under the 2005 Act can have up to 80-150 slot machines. The variety of products differs significantly between the venues.

The first 2005 Act casino was opened at Westfield Stratford City, eight years ago. Ever since then, the Group has been operating different classifications of licenses. They also believe that the regulations should consider harmonising the 1968 and 2005 Acts.

International Views

Aspers Group is currently focused on the UK. They want to grow their portfolio and are open to looking for new opportunities both inside and outside of the UK. The company has a remarkable team of dedicated managers that come from many disciplines, like hospitality, security, guest services, and gaming.

The UK land-based casinos are smaller than international venues. However, Aspers Westfield Stratford City sits on the busiest shopping mall in Europe and welcomes over 4000 guests every day. Westfield Stratford City retail is a destination venue with incredible transport links. Because of this, the casino is considered the largest casino in the UK, because it is located in the largest shopping mall in Europe.

Ever since Aspers opened their first casino in Newcastle, in 2005, their strategy was to always choose the right spot, the market venues. Aspers Westfield Stratford City has the right location, and the ability to offer hospitality and deliver gaming products.

Most of the visitors were impressed with the live-tables area of Aspers Westfield. Some European countries have 5% of live table games, while other countries can have 65% of live table games. Meanwhile, in the UK, there are several different types of casinos, from the 1968 Act to the 2005 Act, from London to regional casinos, and of course, not to forget the online casino.

Within London, there were also high-end operations, and Aspers Westfield Stratford City operates an extensive list of live table games.

Las Vegas is known for its non-gaming activities as well. In addition, even the Aspers Westfield is focused on non-gaming activities. The property is based on a growing postcode, the E20, so it is normal for the property to have a forefront leisure element.

Last Words

Overall, the casino industry in the UK is under high regulations, the online casinos being a highlighted branch of the industry with regulations. A responsible casino operator needs to work together with the industry. As an example, Aspers upholds a high standard of service to ensure a safe, fair, legal, and caring experience that protects their colleagues and their guests.

The industry has to continue to demonstrate that they are an industry that puts the player at the heart of all of their decisions. Aspers is one of the companies that positions itself as an entertainment destination. They will continue to work closely with the local community and deliver the best level of service and experience for their guests within each of their cities. You can get started with these casino codes.

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