Top 5 spectacular places to visit in Israel

Whether you want to experience the famous Biblical places first-hand, or you are just looking to have some fun, Israel won’t disappoint you. The Middle Eastern country is home to some of the most famous destinations for Christians. These destinations include Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem.

Apart from the Biblical and ancient locations, Israel also boasts of beautiful beach towns like Eilat, Haifa, and Netanya. With all these fantastic attractions, you are not going to regret booking your flight to Israel. Without further ado, let us look at the top 5 places to visit in Israel.


You cannot visit Israel and fail to visit its heart, Jerusalem. Home to Jews, Christians and Muslim Arabs, Jerusalem has gone through a lot of violence but have remained strong. This might be because the three major religions here (Christians, Muslims, and Jews) regard the city as a Holy City.

A famous Biblical location, Jerusalem is where Jesus spent most of his adulthood, and it is where Christians believe that Jesus’ burial ground lies.


Popularly known as the place where Jesus grew up, Nazareth population comprises of Muslim as well as Christian Arabs. Walking through the villages here will give you a spiritual feeling like no other as you will be walking through the same grounds that Jesus walked on for the most of his early life.

Some of the must-visit attractions here include Megiddo National Park, the Holy Caves, the Church of Annunciation and the Mt. of Precipice Lookout Point.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the Israelite city that never sleeps. Famous for its fantastic nightlife, the city boasts some of the best nightclubs in Israel. The nightclubs here include Kuli Alma, Spicehaus and The Block. You only need a one-time visit to any of these clubs to understand why Tel Aviv is regarded as one of the best places to party in the entire world.

In addition to the nightclubs, Tel Aviv is also home to the philharmonic orchestra and the national opera. The LGBT friendly city also boasts some of the best beaches in the entire world as well as incredible museums.


Haifa is a beautiful port city that boasts of so many tourist attractions. You are going to be spoilt for choice with the multiple activities to engage in. The city has some of the best beaches, monasteries, promenades, and gardens.

Apart from exploring the beautiful sites, you can also visit the art galleries and have a visual feast thanks to the fantastic art pieces here. Other activities include kiteboarding and windsurfing.


If you are an avid historian, you are going to love your time in Masada. Home to several Roman fortifications, Masada is where the mass suicide conducted by the 900 Sicarii Jewish patriots occurred in 66 AD. The suicide was the Sicarii’s way of resisting Roman rule.

The ancient city is located in Southern Israel on a high plateau that overlooks the Dead Sea.

Israel is perfect for cultural tourism. It has its own resort cities, the likes of which you can find in the States, in Asia. Most resort cities are bustling with entertainment and fun, but if you’re hoping to find the local Las Vegas, think again. Land-based casinos are prohibited in Israel.

The Israeli resort city of Eilat offers entirely different types of entertainment. That being said, you can still find ways to bet, if you go local. Even though you cannot enter the luxurious atmosphere of venues at resort cities, you can still find the best bingo sites and online casinos available for Israeli players.


From the above tourist attractions, it is clear that Israel has so much to offer. Furthermore, the fact that you are in the homeland to Jesus is enough to excite you.

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