Laser Marking Metals and Their Common Use In  Today’s Market

Laser Marking Metals and Their Common Use In  Today’s Market

For quick and permanent results laser marking metal is the only possibility available. It  provides a permanent result. Laser marking is the process which has plenty of benefits. The brands like LASIT which know the value of product traceability and visibility must value this process.

This process is becoming an integral part of any type of industries like mechanics, jewel technology, mechanics and many more as well.

The benefits this process provides can generally be categorized into further benefits including high quality and affordability. This process can be applied differently to different materials. Moreover, the clients can get this process done depending upon their needs and requirements.

Now let’s briefly check out the benefits of integrating this process.

  • Versatility:

Laser marking is a process that is absolutely unconventional. It talks about versatility and unconventional marking processes on different materials differently. It is a laser marking machine that can easily mark logos, characters, alphanumeric characters, progressive numbering, barcodes, DataMatrix and many complex types of graphics as well.

This process has provided businesses many ways to lift up the quality of marking on different types of materials which do not only bring perfection but also make the marking permanent.

  • High-definition:

The process of laser marking totally highlights and displays the work of precision and perfection. If there is any brand that wants the tiniest and smallest details of complex geometric designs, even then laser marking can do its best.

  • Speed:

In this age, where every other process and work is automated, laser marking is a dire need of many industries. The process of laser markings very fast and accurate. Its high speed can get the process completed within seconds/minutes.

No matter what type of marking any client wants or what type of logo he wants to get marked, LASEIT laser marking machines are efficient and reliable enough to mark it exceptionally high speed.

  • Durability:

The results of laser markings are longer staying. Anything marked with this process is resistant to heat, acids, and corrosion.

  • Affordable:

There are many misconceptions about laser marking metals. Mostly, people think that this process can increase expenses. This is totally a misconception. This process does not add any extra costs because it does not need any kind of special maintenance, tools or treatment.

Moreover, when there are fewer wastages and the process is very fast, even then it results in cost reduction. with less wastages and completion of projects in less time, the costs are ultimately reduced.

  • Traceability:

There are no chances of damages or misprinting when marking is done by laser. So, the material, products, and objects are always traceable.

Now let’s check out  Deep Laser Marking on Metals.

Deep laser marking is a process completed through a process of deep penetration in any materials which is being processed. The result achieved through this process is very similar to a process called mechanical engraving. However, laser marking is a process that can provide a more precise result. The laser removes layer after layer to give a permanent mark on the object. Moreover, this is the process which can work on all type of materials.

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