Guide to travel without stress

When you hear the word vacation, a lot of things come to mind. You want to take a break from the routine and enjoy those days in the year, without responsibilities. Just you and your recreation.

It’s hard to get out of your routine when you stay home on vacation. Thinking about doing something different is an amusing idea.

Therefore, when you see on the calendar that you have a few days off, it’s reasonable to start thinking about what to do on those days, and a trip comes immediately to mind. 

Although thinking about travelling is stressful, because you have to organise many things, from the destination, the accommodation, the activities, the bags, the flight and many other things.

So, you have to get organised and follow simple steps to make your vacation relaxing and fun, and not turn into a disaster. 

Here is a little guide to enjoying a good vacation trip:

Choosing a destination and a travel date

These two points go hand in hand, since, for you to be able to organise your trip you need to know what the weather will be on the dates you are going, what special events will be held and whether you will go at that time.

If you can choose the date of your vacation, choosing a destination is easy. You only need to research what you want to do and know, to make the best decision to travel on your vacation.

Or on the contrary, your vacation dates are imposed by your routine; it never hurts to investigate what opportunities to know the world gives you at that time.  Remember to take into account the activities you want to do and the climate of the place where you want to travel to continue planning your vacation.

Establish a budget

To travel you need money, and depending on the type of trip you make and the length of your vacation you can decide how much money you will spend.

For the budget you need the price of the transfer – be it land or air transport – the cost of the accommodation, the value of the activities you will do, money for food and an extra for any souvenirs you want to buy on your trip. To make it easier you have to choose whether you will take an all-inclusive package or separate things, this depends on how much you want to rest on your vacation.

An all-inclusive tea package can help you get paid from your flight to your accommodation, including meals and activities, which enables you to relax. 

For this reason, it is good to get information about various packages and prices separately. And that is why it is good to see different pages that give you multiple alternatives. You can see bank holiday deals with voyage privé.

After setting up your budget and allocating a little extra money for souvenirs comes the fun part.

Choosing a place to stay

It is essential that when choosing where to spend the nights on your vacation, you are aware of the benefits this can bring you, such as:

  • Just a place to sleep. 
  • A hotel with meals included, which can be just breakfast or all snacks. 
  • A place to cook.
  • Or even an all-inclusive hotel. 

The decision is yours, you have to look for the best option to fit your budget, and allow you to rest on your vacation.

Organise recreational, tourist and gastronomic activities

If you chose an all-inclusive package, congratulations you have this point solved.

But if on the other hand, you decide to go on your own. You have to investigate thoroughly that you want to know the place where you are going to travel and take into account all that it can offer you. The best thing you can do is to make a list of everything you want to know so that you can organise your days and your food because it never hurts to try the local cuisine.


After researching your destination and its climate, you need to adapt your suitcase to it and never forget to wear formal attire for any event that might happen on the trip.

Your suitcase must always be packed:

  • An extra pair of underwear that will last longer than the days you have planned to travel.
  • A sweater, regardless of whether you are going to a warm place.
  • Essential medicines, either for a mild headache or an allergy.
  • Your toiletries.
  • Specific clothing for the transfer to your vacation site and back home.

With this in mind, the rest is easy, count the days you are going to be. Take enough shirts, do not forget your swimsuit or your winter jacket depending on the weather of your destination.

Just enjoy your vacation 

This is the most critical point, after you have solved all the above, enjoy your vacation trip and you will see how in the next ones you will plan a trip again.

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