Monsoon Blockchain to Transform the Next Generation of FinTech in US and Asia

Monsoon Blockchain to Transform the Next Generation of FinTech

Monsoon Blockchain Corporation, Asia’s premier blockchain company, worked with Marsh, the world’s most comprehensive insurance broker, and venture adviser. The merger implies a significant move for the blockchain and assurance and risk administration sectors worldwide.

The partnership between the two leading companies will work various risk management and risk transferal clarifications that might protect digital assets and investments.

With over 35,000 associates working in more than 130 nations, Marsh serves industrial and individual clients with risk solutions and consulting services.

Monsoon Solution

Director of Partnerships at Monsoon Blockchain Asia SinChee Saw said that there had been a net increase in insurance range for digital asset risks in the preceding twelve months and the insurance. Insurance markets maintain risk supervision arrangements and risk advisory allowed with the Monsoon solution with superior financial strength ratings.

Saw further said that the amount of overall capacity will depend on a risk-by-risk basis. That stated, up to USD 1 billion in latent insurance capacity is accessible across the specie, financial institutions, and insurance markets.

Monsoon CEO Dr. Donald Basile added that they are thrilled to work with Marsh, who is reconstructing the Insurance and Risk Management businesses using the Blockchain.

Monsoon Blockchain Corporation is centered on innovative cloud resolutions in the blockchain ecosystem. Dr. Donald Basile, its CEO, and founder is the previous CEO of Fusion-IO, a company known for performing a significant role in achieving the cloud systems at Apple and Facebook as well as connections with HP, IBM, and Dell.

Hillshire President Ken Goldman, the former CFO of Yahoo and Fortinet, and Xiaoma Lu, former Dalian Wanda Investments CEO and former board member of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to their organization, was added as counseling board members of the  Monsoon.

What is Marsh?

Marsch, the world’s leading assurance broker, and risk adviser, have more than 35,000 associates serving in not less than 130 nations. The company provides data-driven risk solutions and advisory services to business and individual clients.

Marsh & McLennan Companies (NYSE: MMC) is the leading worldwide professional services firm in risk, strategy, and people’s own Marsh.  NYSE: MMC reported revenue of around USD 17 billion, and about 76,000 associates around the world.  MMC is divided into four market-leading businesses: Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer, and Oliver Wyman.

Bitcoin halving

The bitcoin halving is on-going, and it will be quite challenging to mine cryptocurrency. While this spells several challenges for many miners, some investors are expecting the cryptocurrency value to surge.

Bitcoin is known for its volatility, but with the recent halving, many in the industry think that it might help stabilize its value. Much remains to be known about the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Nevertheless, the current pandemic has seen the value of cryptocurrency rise.

There are many in the industry that bitcoin might once again reach its high-point of more than $20000. It would appear that the bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has a promising future. Its use is inevitable in almost every industry.

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