MGA Games Introduces Its Latest Online Video Game aka Bingo ‘Golden Lucky Cat’

MGA Games Introduces Its Latest Video Game aka Bingo ‘Golden Lucky Cat’

MGA Games has recently announced new launch of a virtual video bingo game called Golden Lucky Cat for it’s Spanish players. Game showcases the popular lucky cat of Japan called Maneki-Neko and is influenced by the major characteristic symbol of Japan to produce an exclusive bingo game.

It is further believed that the golden colour of lucky cat in the game will bring success in the businesses. The leading international operators can access the game from June 22, 2020.

For years, MGA Games have been known for the development of world-class video bingo games. Originated with the name Latin Fiesta Series, MGA Games provides a broad range of unique and new video bingos.

These games are already enjoyed by the players from several Latin American countries. It is designed from the latest technology and innovations and further promises to offer the original mobile experience to its customers and players.

New Set Of Virtual Video Bingo Games For The Players

Fortune is on the side of operators, their players and users. The most famous good luck charm from Japan, China and several other countries across the world are converted into the state of art online video bingo.

It is done through evolving technology that enables players to enjoy entertainment and play through any device from anywhere across the world. They can access video bingo even without sacrificing an inch of fun and quality.

This new selection of online video bingos will feature excellent design as well as quality graphics. With the help of substantial load along with the idea of Triple View, the waiting time for the game reduces and thus makes them a perfect product for mobile.

Features of Golden Lucky Cat

MGA Games operates constantly and releases its video bingo with Golden Lucky Cat. This cutting edge product brings up several latest features as follows:

  1. It is designed with the technology, through which it can be featured on any device.
  2. It’s 100% mobile-friendly and implements the Triple View System.
  3. It features three mini-games with more surprises and applications.
  4. It avoids any waiting times because of its quick loading.

As Golden Lucky Cat includes three entertaining and lively mini-games, the players can get a chance to visit landscapes along with the peculiar symbology of Japan. Moreover, they may get different bonuses by playing such fantastic games.

The online video bingo Lucky Golden Cat includes 30 balls drawn and 60 balls in the cage, 1 to 4 labels with 5 columns and 3 rows along with 16 distinct arrangements. On the other hand, the game will provide an option of 14 additional balls with a wildcard ball. This will help players to exchange the number of their choice and increases the chances of getting a prize.

When the Game Will Be launched in the Market?

Company’s unique Latin Fiesta Series has already been launched on June 1, 2020 in the Spanish market and will be made available to casino operators on June 22, 2020.
This new launch of video bingo will enable the online casino operators to access the latest technological innovations designed by the company.

MGA games were already selected as the finalist for the EGR B2B 2020 Awards due to coming up with innovations in the mobile category.

About MGA Games

MGA Games is a leading betting company in Spain that designs and develops multiple online video bingo games and slot machine products. I

nitiated from MGA’s New Technologies Division, the company is committed to the marketing and development of high quality, innovative and certified online games. Its games portfolio has titles, based on slot machines and international video bingo games. Its games are provided to all local as well as international operators.

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