Colombia Enhances Gaming with Scratchcards and Video Bingo

Colombia Enhances Gaming with Scratchcards and Bingo
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Colombian gaming regulator named Coljuegos has decided to modify its gaming operations. The modifications are in terms of video bingo and scratchcards which will be added to current offers by the operators.

This initiative is taken to bolster the sectors that are temporarily closed and their gambling operations are halted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional Gaming Verticals to Enhance the Deteriorating State Of Industry

The modification includes the approval of two unique gaming modalities. The first authorization by Coljuegos will enable scratchcards in which the players can get a chance to win instantly either by online or offline modes.

The second up-gradation is regarding bingo games that will take place between the contestants at bingo halls and players who are available online may also join them.

Moreover, it will also enable lotteries to run several promotional games and exclusive draws to make the sector operative. The major focus of the update will be on instant win games that will offer players with large incentives to play.

It will also boost gaming activities in terms of video bingo through which players can again experience the fantastic game while maintaining social distancing.

Statements Made by the Executive

Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo is the president of Coljuegos. According to him, they are authorizing video bingo as an attempt to revive the operations of gambling sectors. Their regulators will provide physical bingo cards and will further make the games available online so that people can take benefit and enjoy gaming through their homes.

They are also implementing some plans and taking measures by which owners can restart their operations and boost the market.

Addition of More Prizes to Lottery Draw

As per the new and updated regulations, lotteries will be enabled to provide two additional rewards or prizes in a year. These awards are associated with the video bingos that will be offered in different months.

It will indirectly increase the chance of winning. Moreover, the regulator will also enable the owners to design exclusive payment strategies. It would assist them to settle any money they have lost during 2020.

Other Organizations Also Endorsed the New Update

This new update was also backed collaboratively by various industry associations such as Asojuegos, Fedelco, Cornazar, and Fecoljuegos. Not just these associations, the National gaming Council including CNJSA as well as local governments have certainly endorsed the attempt to see it as a significant way to move ahead.

Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo also outlined the update as an attempt to guarantee the sustainability and recovery of provincial gaming companies. According to him, gaming is a crucial contributor and vertical to the healthcare system of Colombia, which is supported by tax received from all gambling regulators.

Juan Carlos Resterepo is the president of Asojuegos. He also stated the necessity to update the existing rules regarding the legal gambling framework. It should be adopted by knowing the fact that gambling plays a key role in supporting and funding the healthcare system of the nation.

This being the major reason due to which they have brought all the operators, government, and authorities to work together on measures that will offer relief in the sector.

The update illustrates the second modification in this year. Coljuegos’s major objective is to assist the gaming sector that is influenced and suffered from the crisis. In April 2020, live dealer casino games were sanctioned to boost the gaming revenues along with the funding in the healthcare system of Colombia.

Thus, to cover failing revenue and losses, Coljuegos launches scratchcards and video bingo to bolster the industry.

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