NHL Draft Lottery 2020 Reveals Its Lottery Format

NHL draft lottery
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The National Hockey will organize NHL Draft Lottery’s phase 1 at Secaucus, N.J on June 26 at 8 pm. It will include three draws along with positions for eight place holders. It will be broadcasted live on NHL and NBCSN network in the US and TVA Sports and Sportsnet in Canada.

The winning team’s general manager along with the skater of North American Alexis Lafreniere will be seen on the Zoom app. They will be available if the players from any of the seven groups win the top picks of the lottery.

NHL Draft 2020 Lottery Format

The top three selections in this event will be rewarded with the NHL Draft lottery. All three lottery draws will decide the respective team selection. The lottery may take place in two stages. For phase 1, which will be held on June 26, all fifteen teams can participate in the event.

Out of the fifteen teams, the seven teams that could not make for Stanley Cup Playoffs will be placed in decreasing order as per their percentage during a halt in the regular season. The eight placeholders that present non advance qualified round teams will have to follow prior odds for the NHL lottery.

About First Lottery Draw

For the first lottery draw, if the winning team is from any of the initial seven groups, then that team is eligible for the first pick in NHL Draft 2020. On the other hand, if the team is from the rest of the eight to fifteen groups, then it will eligible for phase two of the NHL Draft lottery of 2020.

Once the first lottery draws for the event complete successfully, the winning team from any of the group will be no longer eligible for the upcoming lottery draws. The lottery numbers that were provided to the winning team will automatically be shuffled for the next lottery draws. The leftover odds of the team will enhance proportionately for the next lottery draw and it will further depend on the team that wins first draw.

Conduction Of Second and Third Lottery Draws

For the second draw, if the winning team is from first to seventh groups, then that team is eligible for the second pick in NHL 2020. On the other hand, if the winning team is from the rest of the remaining eight groups then that specific team will be eligible for the second phase in the NHL lottery.

Similar to the first lottery draw, the winning team after the second lottery from any of the fifteen groups will no longer eligible for the third draw. The next third draw will be conducted in the same way as the rest two draws.

Chances of All Three Draws Won By Any Of The Initial Seven Teams

There may be a possibility where the winning team may get the respective top three overall picks in the NHL lottery. The rest of the four teams between four to seven groups will be assigned draft positions in the reverse order as per their points during the halt in the regular season.

The remaining eight draft positions from eight to fifteen will be provided to the eight teams that could not win the qualifying rounds. In this situation, the draft lottery’s phase two won’t happen anymore. Moreover, if any of these three NHL draws are won between any of eight to fifteen teams, then phase two will be conducted.

Second Phase Of NHL Lottery 2020

Phase two will be most likely conduct between Stanley Cup Playoffs and qualifying round. It will include all the contestants of eight teams who could win qualifying round and acquire the same odds.

Similar to the first phase draw, the winning team will be provided the respective top three picks for the NHL lottery and their lottery number will be shuffled in phase two.

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