Las Vegas, Reno Casinos Imposes Mandatory Wearing Of Masks Starting Friday Morning

reno casino requires masks
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Medical experts advised everyone to wear masks and other protective equipment curve the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus.

Governments deemed it necessary for businesses to require the use of masks in their establishment when they resumed operations. Casinos are now following the US government’s mandate to require clients and employees to wear protective clothing.

Science and health experts have already proven the importance of wearing masks and social services in avoiding contagion from the deadly pathogen. The University of Washington predicted that wearing masks will reduce the number of deaths by 95%. The institution predicted 180,000 deaths in the US by October, but with lesser penalties to 146,000 if people wear masks.

Experts are urging the public to continue following safety and health warning and wear protective clothing and equipment while going outside of their homes. During the first reopening of casinos in the US, it was observed that the majority of the guests are not wearing masks. The rise in infected cases and deaths made casino operators realize the importance of wearing masks in their properties.

Las Vegas, Reno Casino requires masks in properties

Steve Sisolak, the Governor from Nevada, mandated to always wear masks in the state’s public indoor places, including casinos, malls, restaurants and others. Everyone is advised to wear protective clothing while they are inside the facilities except when they are eating and drinking.

The state leader’s new rule will apply to start 12:01 on Friday. The new rule will require casinos to impose the guideline in their casino floor every time strictly. It was observed during the reopening that guests are maskless due to the relaxed implementation of rules in the casinos.

Gove. Sisolak announced on Wednesday that people without shirt, shoes, masks wouldn’t receive services from any establishments.

The government confirmed that social servicing protocols would continue in effect.

The Governors orders followed the move of the governor of California, Gavin Newsom. The state of Nevada recorded high numbers of infected cases, just like its neighbouring states. Casinos in Las Vegas casinos and Reno are expected to follow the mandate.

Las Vegas announced to restrict anyone without the face covering from entry to the casinos. They are also required to submit themselves to mandatory temperature checks before entry.

Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Casino required wearing of masks

Harrah’s Gulf Coast Casino was the first casino to impose wearing of face masks in Mississippi. Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation, the parent company of Gulf Coast, announced the new restrictions. The rule will take effect starting 2 p.m. Friday. Everyone, including vendors, guests, and employees, is advised to wear protective clothing.

Harrah also imposed the rule on its casino in Las Vegas. The new rules are in response to the continuous increase in cases in the country. The US remained with the highest number of cases worldwide. Experts believe that at least 5 to 8 per cent of the population was exposed to the deadly virus.

Experts advise everyone to avoid attending mass gatherings, including political rallies. Texas Governor Greg Abbott delayed its reopening because of the high number of new cases.

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