Richard Desmond is Recently Bidding to Conduct the National Lottery

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Richard Desmond who is a Tory donor is now getting the core attention due to his attempt to run the National lottery. According to Labour, he is not perfect for ‘cash for favors’ row and must not get any VIP treatment for this step. Richard Desmond is supposed to challenge Camelot for the license once the renewal of the franchise starts in this year.

However, the government is still looking for answers when about his connection with Robert Jenrik. The housing secretary ran to attain the approval for property development of over 1 billion pounds. The interesting this was that Robert was found to sit right after Richard Desmond at a Tory fundraising event after which he took this move.

Richard Desmond donated 12 thousand pounds to the party at the beginning of this year. The donation was given right after permission for development planning. He was also observed with Boris Johnson at the fundraising event which was held last year.

Jo Stevens Wants a Fit person to Conduct National Lottery

Jo Stevens who is a Welsh Labour Party politician will interact with the Gambling Commission in July, before providing the award in the upcoming lottery license. According to her, a perfect and fit person should take such a worthwhile and significant role. She also commented that the public needs the answer to some of the serious questions raised by them about the bond between the government and Richard Desmond.

Moreover, it is the biggest concern that Richard wants to conduct the National lottery which is considered to be one of the profitable draws across the globe. During this lottery, over 25 to 45 million tickets are distributed in each draws with around 45,000 retail outlets.

Since 1994, Camelot operates and runs this National lottery and made a record of selling 7.9 billion pounds in tickets during last year. Its license is about to expire in 2023. Now, Richard has declared to bid for the upcoming license and demanded it to be given back to British hands. Camelot also received 389 million pounds by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan in the year 2010.

Since 2011, Richard has been operating the rival Health Lottery. During this event, around twelve local communities donate funds for the social cause. He convinced Mr. Johnson to modify gambling regulations so that he could provide the jackpot prize of 1 million pounds for the lottery. Now its is officially fixed to 400,000 pounds.

Richard Owns a PR Company

Ben is the co-chairman of the Conservative Party. A few days ago, the media reported that Richard owned a PR company that is run by Ben Elliot to persuade the change.

Northern and Shell is the company owned by Richard Desmond. He recently hired Hawthorn Advisors at the beginning of the year when Mr. Elliot was the firm’s director. According to Hawthorn Advisors, they worked with him for a short duration of 3 months at the beginning of this year. They worked on the campaign for the Health lottery to raise the jackpot. They also concluded that Elliot had no contact with his clients.

Mr. Jenrick has been forced not to initiate Desmond’s development at the old Westferry printing works in London. Moreover, in a conversation between Jenrick and Richard, the businessman said that they don’t want to provide Marxist’s loads of doe (sic).

About Richard Desmond

Richard Desmond had made around 2 million pounds from the beginning of his career as a publisher in 1974. He then published a celebrity magazine before investing in Daily Star and Daily Express in 2000 as well as Channel 5 in 2010.

He sold the broadcaster in 2014 and then discarded his magazine and newspaper titles in 2018. He is now focused and passionate about property developments and lotteries.

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