Virtual Reality Changes Online Casino Scenario

virtual reality in the online casinos
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Virtual reality is destined to change the online casino stage.  The fast development in technology brought virtual reality in the online casino industry ever since it transformed gambling into a more interactive experience.

For years, online casinos and online sportsbooks have threatened land-based casinos. A new competition arrived in the gambling market, which threatens the foothold of the two industries.

The two industries have cemented their influence around the globe.

Europe is now starting to regulate online gambling and boost gambling tourism through land-cased casinos, while the US States are also moving towards the legalization and regulation of sportsbooks across the country. A new player arrived to compete with the growing success of both online casinos and land-based casinos.

Experience virtual casinos

Investments in virtual casinos are projected to grow to $520 billion by 2021. The figure increased by 800 percent from investments this year.  Virtual casinos offer 3D and 2D gaming experience for gamblers while using their avatar during the games.

Virtual casinos provide a real-life experience to players through a virtual reality headset and a high-end iGaming platform. Virtual reality technology provides an interactive experience compared to a bricks and mortar casino experience.

Online casinos usually operate through the use of a table of random numbers generator to provide fair games.

Live dealer casinos connect players to a single platform where they can play with a live dealer. Virtual reality casinos offer a more interactive experience since players can communicate with other players through their avatars.

Virtual reality games and features

3D casino tables allow players to interact with other players and a live dealer. During the games, players can speak with other players from around the globe while enjoying their preferred location an any given time.  The latest innovations in virtual reality reached an almost real-life experience for gamblers like smoking during the game.

The virtual reality casino industry is a newly developed business. The sector has massive potential for growth and has produced some exciting new games.  Recently, Lucky VR created its SlotsMillion. The platform was designed for slot machine lovers.

Players will play on the 80th floor of a virtual skyscraper. This platform allows the players to check the virtually created city while looking at the skyscraper’s window. Gamblers can also enjoy some drinks if they don’t want to play.

Players are allowed to play real money on the platform, and it offers a 24/7 customer service to assist players with their needs.

Switzerland developed Casino VR Poker is one of the most innovative products of virtual casinos. Players can enjoy playing poker with players virtually created with full-body and detailed facial features.  The virtual reality casino includes voice chats, and gamblers can play in its six Texas Holdem poker tables. The online platform works perfectly on Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

Casino VR Poker needs a gaming PC for top-quality performance.  However, the game is an entertainment only platform that gives players free chips before the game starts.  The platform is an experiment that might change how things work in online gaming.

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