Business 18-03-2019

10 Growth Hacks for Small Businesses and Start Ups in 2019

Starting your business might just be the best thing that ever happened to you. Is what you thought. But for the most part you’ve been stagnant and no growth has occurred. You’re most likely doing many things wrong, but that doesn’t matter anymore. What matters now is actively doing something to stop that downward spiral […]

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Business 06-03-2019

Is Health and Safety Important for Small Businesses?

As a small or fairly new start-up, you may believe that health and safety isn’t as important for your business as it is compared with larger companies. However, this isn’t always the case. Although there may be less health and safety implications to think about, depending on your industry, it’s important to make regular assessments […]

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Business 26-02-2019

Financial Services: How Tech Is Revolutionising Customer Experience

Financial Services: How Tech Is Revolutionising Customer Experience   In recent years, tech has done much for companies looking to transform their customer experience. It is hard to think of a single sector that hasn’t now felt the benefit of technological advances. Much like travel, hospitality or retail, financial service is one area that has […]

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Business 25-02-2019

Is Now a Good Time to Launch a Start-up?

There is never a right time to launch a start-up. Life and finances can often get in the way of starting your own business, and there can always be something that is stopping you. Every budding entrepreneur will think about the “what ifs” and this is something that can’t hold you back if you want […]

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Business 21-01-2019

Property Investment Opportunities in a Post Brexit Market

Property Investment Opportunities in a Post Brexit Market The property market after Brexit will not be all doom and gloom. Of course, there will be some people that will have you believe that when Brexit is in full swing, the UK will go to rack and ruin, and leave the economy suffering, dragging down house […]

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Business 21-01-2019

The Importance Of Etiquette In Co-Working Spaces

Conscientious Coworking – The Importance Of Etiquette In Coworking Spaces Shared space, as in coworking shared space, looks like a great way to get down to business on a daily business. With a room full of creative, motivated professionals, young and old, the tendency is to see the space as a communal one where everyone […]

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Business 08-01-2019

Why a telecoms audit could generate large savings for your business

As a business owner, you’re always looking out for areas where you can cut costs, but you might not have properly considered your telecoms bill. Telecommunications can be a large expense, but necessary nonetheless. However, it can cause a dilemma when the cost of telecoms bills seems to be eating away at your company’s finances. […]

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Business 13-12-2018

Volo Corporate Ltd’s Goal of Improving Self-Service Advertising

Volo Corporate Ltd is a Cyprus-based company that specializes in developing advertising technologies for digital marketers. At the core of the company’s mission is the idea that the online advertising ecosystem should be more accessible to more people. To this end, Volo Corporate Ltd’s focus has been to developed systems that are easy-to-ease and intuitive […]

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Business 23-11-2018

The risks involved in being an investor

Investment is of course all about risk. In a sense there is no such thing as a safe investment: the only way to make money is to put an initial amount of money at risk. Indeed, although professionals don’t like to hear this, investing is basically gambling. The odds can be improved through knowledge, timing […]

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Business 29-10-2018

Why Smart Card Systems Are The Best Option For Loyalty Programmes

Smart cards are the ideal solution for any business considering starting up or upgrading its loyalty programme. They are affordable, easily branded, work offline and don’t need a high-cost system to operate. What’s more, they are simple to issue, secure and can be used for multiple purposes, such as a membership card, ID card or […]

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