japanese gambling market
Casino Industry News 31-08-2020

Operators Pull Out Japan Casino Plans Amidst Uncertain Gambling Regulations

The casinos needed to submit tedious requirements before legalizing the business and face heavy taxes as they operate. Regulators promised to release the guidelines In January, but nothing was published until now. The novel coronavirus pandemic delayed many operators’ plans, and it has dissuaded many from operating in the country. Operators saw massive opportunities in […]

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groove gaming betconstruct
Casino Industry News 28-08-2020

GrooveGaming Extends Contract With BetConstruct

The success of the merger showed a high demand for online casino products. GrooveGaming exploited the fast-growing online gambling industry by partnering with the biggest names in the online gambling industry. The company formed partnerships as part of its goal of bringing its products globally. The competition for global dominance in the online gambling industry […]

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recovery of the gambling sector
Casino Industry News 26-08-2020

Gambling Insiders Expects Quick Recovery of Gaming Sector Following COVID-19 Prompted Losses

Return of Major Sport Events According to the gambling insiders, land-based gambling was adversely affected following the worldwide lockdown, increasing loss of lives across the world and travel restrictions. It experienced a huge downfall in revenue in the past four to five months. It was also observed that online gambling did not generate as much […]

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gambling industry recovers
Casino Industry News 25-08-2020

Analyst: Gambling Industry Speedily Recovers Despite Coronavirus-Driven Losses

Casinos suffered a massive hit in revenue during the lockdowns and brought Europe’s gambling industry down. The risks of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the deadly virus hit land-based gambling. Even online gambling’s revenue was limited because of the postponement and cancellation of major sports events. Gamblers have fewer […]

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online casino industry future
Casino Industry News 24-08-2020

Development, Future Of The Online Casino Industry

The importance of technology was justified during the pandemic, and people ordered food and other necessities on the internet. Entertainment became digital, as the demand for video and movie streaming rose. Mobile gaming saw record highs because of people were trapped inside their homes during the lockdowns. Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries […]

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china online gambling crackdown
Casino Industry News 20-08-2020

AG Asia Entertainment Shutdown As China Crackdown On Online Gambling

The strict regulations on online gambling have risked the operations of many companies such as the online operator AG Asia Entertainment. Gambling in mainland China is illegal. Macau, the country’s special administrative zone, is the only Chinese territory allowed to host gambling. Macau’s economy relies solely on its gambling industry. Hong Kong, another Chinese-claimed territory, […]

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vip casino industry
Casino Industry News 19-08-2020

China’s Crack Down On Capital Flows Hits Macau VIP Casino Industry

Macau is the only Chinese territory that allows gambling operations, and its economy is reliant on the industry. Changes in China’s travel, gambling, and financial circulation policies have a massive effect on the gambling mecca’s economy. Hopes are high when China’s Guangdong province resumed the tourist visas for travelers to Macau. Casino operators expected gamblers […]

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boylesports expands its portfolio
Casino Industry News 18-08-2020

BoyleSports Expands Retail Betting Portfolio

The bookmaker is focused on building a significant retail portfolio in the region since entering the market last summer. Online betting is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK. The Gambling Act of 2005 opened the window for online gambling operations in the UK. Since then, online betting retail shops and mobile apps popped […]

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casino investments myanmar
Casino Industry News 17-08-2020

Chinese Operators Dominates Casino Investments In Myanmar

In recent years, the area attracted investors because of its strategic location. The government plans to develop the area into an economic corridor that will connect the two port cities of Vietnam and Myanmar. Myanmar‘s urban expansion turned the banks of the Moei River into its second-largest border trading zone. The joint venture of the […]

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mobile gambling growth
Casino Industry News 14-08-2020

Mobile gambling continues growth in 2021

Land-based casinos suffered a massive decline in revenues because of the government lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. The absence of bricks and mortar casinos and other land-based gambling institutions boosted the rising influence of online gambling. Mobile gambling and faster internet speed contributed to the growth of online gambling. Mobile […]

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