European Report Suggests Loot Box Monitoring
Compliance 04-08-2020

European Report Suggests Loot Box Monitoring Via Consumer Protection Legislation

It also suggests that loot boxes must treat the issue from an angle of consumer protection. Gambling Regulation on a Country to Country Basis The report highlighted loot boxes for online games and their impact on customers, especially for the young ones. The reports also present that national gambling authorities present different aspects for loot […]

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UK’s Gambling Stats in 2020
Casino News 04-08-2020

Understanding the UK’s Gambling Stats in 2020

With different ways and odds to add some excitement to a horse race, a sports game, or a game of cards, players can enjoy the thrill of winning for bragging rights and for money as well. There are many ways a gambler or player can wager to win. When most people think of betting, the […]

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online gambling platforms
Casino Industry News 03-08-2020

Avoiding Fraud, Scams In Online Gambling Platforms

The changes in technology answered needs in communication, data privacy, shopping, and many more. The gambling industry is turning digital because of the introduction of smartphones. State leaders and regulators saw the potential of the industry in boosting a nation’s growth. The rise of the industry is inevitable, proven by its rising influence even before […]

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gaming employment rate macau
Casino Industry News 03-08-2020

Gaming Employment Rate In Macau Declines Drastically

Casino properties needed to shut down in March as the government worked to curb the spread of the fatal pathogen. Operators reported millions of losses in revenue, causing them to initiate measures that protect the company’s interest. The casinos resumed operations in their aim of recovering their losses from the prolonged lockdowns. During the reopening, […]

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Online Casinos In Finland Imposes Loss Limit
Casino News 31-07-2020

Online Casino Gaming In Finland Imposes Loss Limit

Online gaming contributed a massive amount of tax revenue to countries with existing legislation on online gambling.  The fast rise of online gambling in many countries has attracted a considerable number of gamblers.  The industry created a new breed of gamblers that could place a massive amount of bets at any time.  Many online casinos […]

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PAGCOR Reveals a Loss of US$48 millions in its First Half
Casino Industry News 31-07-2020

PAGCOR Reveals a Loss of US$48 Million in its First Half

The Reason behind the Huge loss The regulator found that its revenue from all gaming operators reduced steadily during this second quarter. The reason behind the decline is due to the several casinos in the country, which remained closed for three to four months from March due to the effect of COVID-19 pandemic. During the […]

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top ten online gambling companies
Casino Industry News 30-07-2020

Data Shows Top Ten Leading Online Gambling Companies’ Brand Value At $23.62 Billion

The industry saw massive growth as the novel coronavirus threatens public health in more than four months. The growing number of smartphone users around the world contributed mainly to the success of the industry. During the prolonged lockdowns imposed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, casinos and other gambling facilities halted their operations. […]

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loss limit
Casino News 30-07-2020

Finland Online Casino Gaming Imposes Loss Limit

The fast growth of the industry brought millions in gambling revenue for the state and potential risk for gamblers. Many gamblers avoid government-imposed gaming restrictions by joining in online gambling platforms that are out of reach of legislations. The coronavirus pandemic contributed to the increase of gamblers playing in online casinos. Government travel and business […]

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south africa online gambling
Casino News 30-07-2020

South Africa’s Online Casino Gaming Is Getting Popular

Online gambling in the US expanded in many states following the decision of the US Supreme Court to lift the ban on the industry. Online gambling is also gaining popularity in Europe, Asia, and the vast gambling market of Africa. The global gambling scenario is moving towards the digital age. Land-based casinos are slowly adapting […]

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russian state duma
Compliance 30-07-2020

Duma to Overhaul Sports Betting Legislation

Under the revised law, it will focus on taxation that is placed on overseas betting events along with increasing financial obligations on the participants involved in an activity. The legislative body approved the bill in the second and third readings. Now, certain limits will be imposed on specific betting events. Upgradation in Russian Betting Laws […]

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