Some Genius Apps To Make Your Everyday Life Easier

Some Genius Apps To Make Your Everyday Life Easier

Time has fast become the most valued currency in the fast-paced and digitally connected world we live in today. Consequently, almost everyone is in search of new ways to boost productivity, so that they can live smarter to enjoy their time. Thanks to the digital revolution, there’s now an incursion of mobile phone apps available, developed to make things easier, both personally and professionally.

If technology is there to simplify our lives, why not use it to its maximum capacity? On top of trustworthy apps such as Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger, here are some of the top apps you can download at any convenient time. Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, you may find those apps on Play Store or Apple Store respectively.

Google Translate

Imagine you’re somewhere in a restaurant and struggling to order anything because there’s no English menu available. To avoid those awkward situations, the Google Translate app might interest you. It enables you to use your camera for instant text translation in 26 languages. The app also boasts a two-way automatic speech translation in 40 languages. Travelling has never been easier with a personal translator at your fingertips.

Regal Wins Casino

Do you like to play online games such as Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and Table & Arcade? Regal Wins Casino brings to you its downloadable app known as Regal Wins Casino app. Make use of your iOS or Android-powered device and start to play by dropping by the site. Since it is a responsive website, the official app automatically adjusts to the device you are using. Playing for entertainment has never been as simpler as that!


Nowadays, most people like spending money more than managing it. Spendbook is created to track your savings fuss-free and simple. With an easy interface, you can record your daily expenditures and convert your spending into different categories. For a deep plunge into your funds, open intuitive and interactive charts or have your daily costs and income reviewed in a calendar. It is an exciting app that most of you will like using.

Camera +

Eager to post the best Facebook snap but just not quite savvy with your lighting, photography and flat lay skills? Camera + can make you feel like an experienced photographer. It is loaded with various handy features including ‘miracle’ filters and image editing. The app transforms the quality of your photos with a single tap. What’s great? The interface is extremely easy to use and navigate. You may be curious to filter every snap you take.


Why in need of a personal trainer when RunKeeper app is at your fingertips? It’s actually a coach you’ve always wanted but never knew about. Thanks to this impressive app, you can reach your fitness goals with running plans that demonstrate exactly what to do. Whether you’re looking to learn to run, lose weight, practice for a race or challenge yourself, there’s something tailored for everyone at all levels.

So, which of these top apps are you keen to download on your smartphone device?

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