Potential Game Changers In Blockchain And The Battle Against Covid

Blockchain And The Battle Against Covid

There is a need for accessible means of trade of goods, services, and information as the covid-19 pandemic continuous to restrict everyone from traveling to almost every place. Universities, the medical sector, and even private citizens around the globe look for a remedy to bridge the gap in information and services dissemination.

The covid-19 pathogen still roams multiple territories killing hundreds in its path. Governments around the globe use all resources to control and find a cure to the deadly disease. Blockchain now plays a vital role in many governments’ battle against the fatal virus.

Researchers Taps Blockchain To Fight Covid

Hasshi Sudler, an adjunct professor with Villanova University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, spearheads a blockchain project useful in tracing positive covid-19 cases through contact tracing. The project aims to prevent future outbreaks.

The professor said that various medical institutions could exchange information about who they know that is infected and maintain contact with those who are affected in the blockchain project.

There is a clear need for the project in all places on the planet.

Berlin’s Sphericity started a decentralized identity system that tracks a patient’s social distancing status while they are treated. The Honduran government launched a blockchain-backed app that helps in monitoring home quarantine violators.

Aside from actual programs made through blockchain, the industry also helps fund initiatives that seek a cure for the virus infection. Around six ethereum miners pledged to fund the Standford University’s Folding@home distributed computing project. Academia also made an effort to join the fight through blockchain app development. A combined blockchain and AI system are being developed for self-testing.

 Digital Prescriptions through blockchain

People are afraid of visiting a doctor because of their fear of contamination from the deadly virus.

Blockchain-powered solutions could remedy the situation. The Ministry of Health is now developing an e-recipe standard that might help in the digital display and renewal of doctor’s prescription. The project still needs to take into consideration the importance of data protection in the proposed project.

Digital Corona Tracking Through Blockchain Apps

Privacy advocates fear the proposals of a complete digital campaign in the fight against the deadly virus because of data security issues. However, it is also evident that understanding the pathways of the infection and the behavior of the virus is essential and more systematic through the use of blockchain technology.

Iunera, a big data company, wants to ease the worries of privacy advocates by developing a program that will enable data transfer without a third party. In the proposal, information about contacts with potentially infected people will be recorded and transferred trough Bluetooth, ensuring the privacy of patients by not involving the third party.

The company is now looking for partners to help them fund the project.

Arxum plans to use the blockchain technology specifically in finding patterns in the virus behavior by analyzing transmission data from patients in hospitals. The project intends to use smart contracts in recording and in sharing data to clinics.

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