UKGC Declares Consultation About High-Value VIP Players

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The UK Gambling Commission has initiated a consultation that will begin from 14th August and tend to attain the input of profitable customers. This consultation will examine all-new seven proposals that were recommended by a workgroup under the Betting & Gaming Council along with GVC. The main objective of the group is to minimize gambling harm and make it safer across the sector.

The UKGC had challenged the sector to make quick progress in enhancing standards in terms of VIP initiatives, game development, valuable product, and online advertisement.

Over-regulations Urges Gambling Commission to Seek Opinion Of VIP Players

By looking at the over-regulation, UKGC is trying to hold off an immense political pressure to introduce stringent actions. However, the industry regulators have been working cautiously without enabling any political score to halt it from helpful and appropriate services.

Last week, APPG had already proposed the removal of VIP programs and thereby eliminated advertisements from public spaces along with the imposition of a 2 pounds limit on online slots. On June 19, the regulator had proposed stringent loss limits along with the limited spin speed in order to ensure better protection to the customers.

In response to several suggestions, the UK Gambling Commission has recently begun consultation with high-value customers, who are accountable for the majority of income generated by the casinos. Anyone eager to provide input has the opportunity till August 14 to suggest facts, opinions, and knowledge to the commission to reform the UK’s high-value customer standards.

High-Value Customers Becomes Grounds For War

High-value customers had become an indignantly topic of debate among the regulators, casino businesses, and lawmakers that engender some penny on customers who are willing to spend large amounts. Moreover, the casino offers varied titles and bonuses to engage and retain customers with their products.

For many years, it has been found that the majority of problem gamblers tend to be VIP customers. Furthermore, research published states that companies tend to claim a maximum of 83% of complete deposits from 2% of their customers.

As a result, UKGC has defined two significant issues. The first includes where high-value customers get highly engaged and are not able to calculate risk and cause other individuals to suffer gambling harm. The other issue was about high-value customers, who consistently introduces the highest value for the casinos.

GVC Seems To Work Closely with Gambling Companies

The workgroup driven by BGC and GVC has proposed a comprehensive outline that will strike a perfect balance between the best standards of the industry and the safety of the customers. Moreover, draft codes developed by GVC would impose new regulations in examining high-value customers. It will also keep a close eye on how several incentives and bonuses are extended to them.

This way, gambling companies can confirm that high-value customers can afford to invest their money and plan a rapid KYC checks. The checks will be conducted daily to protect customers from gambling harm. With the help of codes, the companies can assign a senior executive who will analyze and monitor the operation of VIP schemes and incentives.

Statements Made By Executives

The chief executive of UKGC, Mr. Neil McArthur, states that a comprehensive diversity of options is needed to make a successful collaboration. Before working on these issues, they took suggestions from Digital Advisory Panel on online gambling harms. They selected the areas that could address the significant risks to the affected groups and have come up with a new strategy to examine the quick areas of improvement.

During this crisis, they have encouraged the industry to make significant modifications to ensure the safety of the customers.

Moreover, to ensure a safe gambling activity, they are committed to defining the progress that has proposed other regulations in the future.

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