Complitech Introduces Unique Functionality and Covers New Jurisdictions

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A prominent service provider, Maxima Compliance has introduced a significant upgrade to its exclusive Complitech technical as well as product compliance database. The database covers a wide range of innovative functionalities along with an additional boost to market data.

With the help of these additional features, the user can get access to upgrade information and management security needs around all the markets. Moreover, Complitech has also launched compliance requirements from several gaming Jurisdictions.

The Beginning of Compliance Database

Complitech is renowned as an exclusive technical compliance database that offers new requirements from more than 30 online gaming platforms. It also offers the latest product information through its analytical and database tools. The service has launched to speed up and simplify the approach of introducing new products in the markets.

The users can now immediately gain information from the database in terms of sorting by product type, formats, and jurisdictions. Moreover, pro and premium customers can get access to carry out gap analysis along with varying the needs across several jurisdictions. It is the first service where a broad range of technical compliance can be implemented into one database.

Easy Access To Users

In addition to the latest functionality, the new market coverage of Compitech has been expanded to new jurisdictions including Belarus, Panama, New Jersey, and Latvia.

Antonio Zanghi is the managing director at Maxima Compliance. According to him, they have been continuously receiving positive feedback from their clients for this latest Compitech tool. The team has been working hard to come up with exclusive functionalities and features to implement into the products.

This new update is further developed to simplify the process of technical compliance. This way, the suppliers can efficiently enter into the new markets and boost their productivity. After receiving the request from their potential users, they had decided to include these four new jurisdictions. Now, they have already started working to bring the next update in the market at the end of 2020.

The search functions of Compitech enables the users to access particular requirements for jackpot functionality in terms of slots in Sweden. The access to jackpot functionalities is just a click away. The users who have pro and premium accounts can then easily verify these requirements with the jurisdictions that have the complete ability to automate the process of gap analysis.

About Maxima Compliance

Maxima Compliance is a leading service compliance consultancy that provides technical and regulatory support to the suppliers and operators in the gaming and betting industry. With the years of experience, suppliers and operators provide its latest and unique compliance solutions in the evolving markets.

It was established to assist gambling firms so that they can efficiently operate with the help of their regulatory obligations.

They serve suppliers and operators across both small and large scale gaming sector by offering a diverse range of products as per their specific requirements. Its expertise together with the experience and dedication assists them in developing innovative solutions for the new challenges.

About Complitech by Maxima

Complitech is the technical compliance tool developed by Maxima Compliance. It offers immediate technical compliance needs from several online gaming jurisdictions. With the evolving technology, iGaming firms are looking for a significant tool that can smoothly roll out the cutting edge products in the new markets.

As a result, Complitech provides immediate access to its users to avail a comprehensive database of spanning product type, technical compliance needs type, and jurisdictions.

Complitech is driven by the talented and experienced professionals of Maxima Compliance. It is trusted to assist the compliance platform for some of the renowned and dynamic companies.

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