netherlands malta prevent illegal gambling
Casino News 31-08-2020

Dutch And Maltese Gaming Regulators Signs MoU To Prevent Illegal Gambling

The Purpose of MoU Under the MoU, there will be an enhanced cooperation between the two regulators. Now, both the regulators will be able to cooperate with each other by sharing information and best practices related to gaming responsibilities and laws. They will also have a regular consultation on several policy matters.  From this MoU, […]

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Advertising Standards Authority
Casino News 28-08-2020

A Total Of 70 Gambling Ads Have Been Found By ASA, UK in Q2 2020 on Sites Familiar With Young Audience

The authority has not yet declared the names of the operators, which have been running their ads on 8 websites. The legal supervisory organization has stated that they have found these ads while carrying out their under-age advertising monitoring practices. The organization executes monitoring activities to determine inappropriate promotional activities over media, friendly with children’s […]

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shape games completely native
Compliance 27-08-2020

Shape Games Co-Founder Indicates Their Plan To Go Completely Native

The co-founder states that this transformation is in response to tech-giant Apple’s revolutionary announcement made in the previous summer. The announcement states that gambling operators will be required to transform their applications in a way that they are native to the operating system of Apple iPhones.  Various other operators were not very much enthusiastic about […]

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uk gambling shop free spins
Casino News 26-08-2020

UK Gambling Shops To Offer Free Spins and No Deposit Bets

Instead, they have introduced relatively newer betting genres including futsal, volleyball, lottery, Esports, formula E, speedway and futsal. Changes in Gambling Markets In addition, most of the online sportsbooks have diversified their range of services by providing some of the former gambling opportunities like blackjack, roulette and casino games. It is almost like the development […]

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recovery of the gambling sector
Casino Industry News 26-08-2020

Gambling Insiders Expects Quick Recovery of Gaming Sector Following COVID-19 Prompted Losses

Return of Major Sport Events According to the gambling insiders, land-based gambling was adversely affected following the worldwide lockdown, increasing loss of lives across the world and travel restrictions. It experienced a huge downfall in revenue in the past four to five months. It was also observed that online gambling did not generate as much […]

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the netherlands european commission
Casino News 25-08-2020

Netherlands Forwards More Details on iGaming Legislation to European Commission

After receiving the response from interested stakeholders and parties by 13th November, the European Commission will decide whether Dutch gambling regulations are in accordance with the law of the European Union. The latest changes in the regulation include comprehensive guidelines on technical standards, reporting and record-holding requirements. In terms of problem gambling, there are six […]

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switzerland regulator
Casino News 24-08-2020

Swiss Regulator Includes More iGaming Websites to its Blacklists in Switzerland

Both the regulators have recently added more iGaming operators in their list. These are the operators, who are operating without a licence in the country. Domains Operating Illegally in Switzerland Both the regulators have published their first blacklist in September 2019. This igaming blacklist has been modified on a regular basis. It showcases domains, which […]

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block gambling sites in australia
Compliance 20-08-2020

ACMA Requests ISP To Block More Offshore Illegal Gambling Sites in Australia

A few weeks back ACMA received a number of complaints about the website’s services in terms of poor customer treatment, and withholding winnings. This enforcement action is taken in response to violation of Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 made by illegal sites. Customers to Withdraw Their Funds During the investigation, ISP found eight illegal websites […]

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lower self control
Compliance 19-08-2020

A Study Reveals High-Speed Gambling Products Lower Self Control

Researchers Examined Gamblers Behaviour during an Experiment The researchers’ study highlights how the format of games especially in the case of speed plays can give rise to harmful gambling behaviour. According to their study, they found that 50 regular non-addicted players gambled with real money in the conditions of five-speed of play on simulated slot […]

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romania regulator
Compliance 18-08-2020

The Regulator of Romania Adds 20 New iGaming Sites To Blacklist

Internet Services Provider To Block 20 Gaming Websites The Romanian regulator states that these 20 new websites are unauthorized and it should be further blocked by the internet service provider of Romania. The internet service provider will block these sites within two weeks after receiving the approval from the regulator. Currently, there are 1,184 internet […]

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