Crypto, Blockchain Sees Rise In Number Of Women In 2020

Crypto, Blockchain Sees Rise In Number Of Women

Current reports reveal an unusual increase in the number of women involved in the crypto market; some markets see a 160% surge. It is widely accepted that the cryptocurrency and blockchain divisions are almost solely male-dominated.

Nonetheless, a report published by CoinMarketCap on April 30 implies otherwise. The number of women in the cryptocurrency trade rose by 43.24% in the first quarter of 2020, according to analysts.

Women investing more in Bitcoin

As worldwide financial qualifications tightened, many personages began to spend in real estate, gold, and cryptocurrencies. Considering that females manage to be more pessimistic than men about the global economy, their faith in cryptocurrency could significantly improve in 2020.

Many women found a haven in digital assets. While, for others, cryptocurrencies became an encouraging investment. Blockchain enterpriser Nisa Amoils pointed to the engaging financing possibilities of the market as one of the main motivations behind the developing interest of women toward digital banking.

Bitcoin has increased in value over the past two months, which, linked with the new halving development, has caused a tumult around cryptocurrencies.

Women have been just as qualified as men. In particular, 49.8% of women prophesied that Bitcoin’s limited discharge would lead to its price increase in the future, according to Grayscale.

Crypto trading isn’t only for boys

The development of Bitcoin price, and the investment attractiveness of digital banking, in general, have committed to the growth in the number of women in cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, for instance, cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb Global reached Cointelegraph that the company testified a 30% growth in the name of its female users in 2020.

CoinCorner, United Kingdom-based crypto-currency saw an increase in the number of female users reaching 14.7 percent, with female sign-ups improving to 47 percent in the first quarter of 2020.  Hong Fang, OKCoin CEO, said during an interview that the females in the industry increased by 80 percent, and half of them are net current users.

The massive but steady approval of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies could also add to an expanding number of women wanting to include this shift in their daily lives. Female users identically use cryptocurrency as they would spend their fiat money.

A crypto payment executive, Terra, revealed that 74 percent of its users are females in their late 30s and early 40s who use digital currency to buy clothes, coffee, and other usual goods.

Geographic factor

Some individual nations pointed an increment of more than 100% in the number of female crypto users, according to CoinMarketCap. In Europe, for example, Greece reaches out most, with a cut growth of 163.67%.

Romania, with 125.09 percent,  follows Greece in accepting females in the crypto industry.  Portugal comes next at 89.95 percent, Ukraine with 86.95 percent, and the Czech Republic with 85.6 percent.

It was also seen that a rise in the number of women in some countries is combined with financial stimulants like the low gross domestic product and a high level of unemployment.  It was also revealed that active construction in the IT division is one of the most significant drivers in the increase of female numbers in some countries.

Successful Women

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there have been more women not only trading digital money but also joining roles that are traditionally overlooked by men, including critics, developers, and firm leaders.

Bancor and Binance serve as an example of Giant crypto companies that sees the role of women in the industry.

Galia Benartzi co-founded bancor, and both firms have 40 percent to 50 percent of women workers.  It is proven by the rising number of female members and lecturers during crypto conferences.

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