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Why Choose EPS?

Over the past few decades, the world of consumer goods has seen a tectonic shift in the way people browse, shop, and pay for the goods and services they seek. “Window shopping” is hardly even a thing anymore.

Online stores have given consumers the benefit of not spending gas money to get a look at something they are interested in purchasing. But this shift applies to more than physical goods.

Big money attractions like casino gaming also saw an enormous shift to the online universe. It used to be that a player would have to pack their bags and head to a big gambling destination like Las Vegas or Atlantic City as a means to play their favorite casino games, but all of that has changed now.

As the internet evolved and more businesses created their online market, casinos followed suit, and soon a new gambling market was born. Needless to say, success was monumental.

Online casinos provided players with all the fun and excitement of traditional casino games such as slots, poker, and blackjack. But as time passed, the online casinos hired developers to design new games and make the traditional ones even more fun and interactive.

The success of this new online industry spanned across the globe, and soon European countries were also in on the action. It was a lot easier for a European player to play and win a poker tournament in their home than it was to pack their bags and fly to Las Vegas.

But as online casinos exploded in popularity, so did the need for a reliable method of payment for players to fund their casino account. And in countries such as Austria, Electronic Payment Standard (EPS), was the payment players needed.

In this article, we will take a good look at EPS and how it benefits players, as well as the disadvantages it has. This will enable you to decide whether or not EPS is the right payment method for you.


As electronic payment processing revolutionized the way people purchased their goods, one company, STUZZA (Study Association for Payment Transactions), decided they would develop a payment processing option for its native country Austria. The platform created by STUZZA is called Electronic Payment Standard (EPS) and is one of the safest methods a person in Austria can use to purchase online.

One of the main reasons that make this payment method so popular with Austrians is that EPS was created by STUZZA in partnership with Austria’s major banks and overseen by the Austrian government, to ensure everything was justly regulated and on the level.

Due to its nature as an online payment method and it’s overall security and regulation, online casinos were quick to recognize its potential in offering it as a possible payment method for Austrian players. But it wasn’t just online casinos that adopted EPS, Other internet betting platforms such as sports betting, and even online bingo rooms have added EPS as a payment processor to their list of possible transaction methods.

austrian casinos epsEPS is exclusive to Austria, meaning in order to benefit from its services, a player must have an Austrian bank account with one of the 25 banks that are associated with it. The process of using EPS to deposit and withdraw to and from an online casino account is fast and easy.

In this article, we will provide you with all the relevant information you need to determine whether or not EPS is the right payment method for you.

Advantages of using EPS as a Payment Method

EPS has many advantages that Austrian players can benefit from when using it as a payment method at their favorite online casino:

  • Easy to navigate and doesn’t take long to get going. There is no time-consuming sign-up process with EPS since it is a service provided by Austrian banks. The system works fast to deposit your money, so you don’t have to wait several hours before playing your favorite casino games.
  • No third party company mediating between your bank and the casino. Funds are transferred directly with EPS.
  • EPS players have the benefit of the highest level of internet safety when using this payment method. That is due to the fact that banks in general only work with the most state of the art internet safety protocols to keep their client’s information and money out of the reach of hackers.
  • EPS is free to use with no hidden charges, whereas most other payment options charge players a percentage of the money they transfer to and from their online casino account.

Disadvantages of using EPS as a Payment Method

No payment method is without its flaws, and EPS is certainly no exception. We’ve listed the features that we consider to be disadvantages to using EPS:

  • Restricted only to Austria. EPS is fast, reliable, safe, and all-around a great payment method – if you live in Austria. If you don’t have an Austrian bank account, you won’t be eligible to use EPS to transfer funds to and from your online casino account.
  • Limited withdrawal availability among online casinos. While withdrawing your money is possible using EPS, not all online casinos offer the withdrawal option for this payment method. This means players may be forced to choose another payment method in which fees may be applied.
  • Sharing of bank details when logging in. Players should not be worried about this; however, it is an inconvenience to have to enter your bank details every time you log in.

How to Deposit into Your Casino Account with EPS

The following is a step by step guide that an Austrian player can follow to use EPS as a payment method to deposit money into their online casino account:

1. Choose from the list of EPS casinos we have provided in this article and go to the cashier page of the website. Select EPS as your payment method to fund your account.
2. You will then be redirected to a page showing all the Austrian banks that provide EPS. Select your bank from that list.
3. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit into your online casino account.
4. Confirm the transaction with a TAN number that you will receive to your mobile phone, and the deposit will transfer instantly to your online casino account. Now you’re ready to start playing and win!

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How to Withdraw from Your Casino Account with EPS

The process of withdrawing your money from your online casino account is similar to the deposit process.

1. Go to the cashier page of the online casino you play with
2. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw and select EPS as your preferred payment method.
3. You’ll be redirected to the same list of banks, choose the one you bank with.
4. Confirm the transaction and see the money appear in your account. Withdrawal does not involve a confirmation TAN number.

Fees and Time Frames

If you have an Austrian bank account and want a payment service with fast transfer times, EPS is probably your best choice. EPS allows players to instantly deposit funds into their online casino account and also instantly withdraw their money. This is a big bonus compared to other payment methods that can often delay withdrawals for up to 5 business days.

There are no fees when using EPS as it is a payment service provided by the bank and the intermediary between the player’s account and their casino account.

Keep Track of Your Transactions

mobile banking epsOnline casino players who have an Austrian bank account will automatically have the benefit of using EPS. Players can find a detailed history of their casino deposits and withdrawals through their bank statements.

In virtually all banks, players can access that information at any time with online banking, and many modern banks also provide their clients with an online app for quick access to account information.

Remember, EPS does not store a player’s money. It simply helps facilitate the transfer of funds.

Customer Service

If a player has a question or issue with their EPS service, they are able to contact their home bank to speak with a customer service representative. Austrian banks have working hours that players can find on their respective websites.

However, customer service representatives should be available during different hours. This would vary from bank to bank, and the client should check to see what are the specific hours of operation.

The option for email is also available for less urgent matters. EPS and it’s partnering banks offer customer service in German (the official language of Austria), and English.

If the player finds that their bank is not able to help them with their issue regarding EPS, the player can try contacting STUZZA via the “Contact” tab of its website. STUZZA also offers customer service in German and English.



Why is EPS So popular?

EPS is a popular payment method in Austria for many reasons. For online casino players, it provides the benefit of instant deposits and withdrawals to and from their online casino account. It also provides players with a guaranteed level of safety in order for them to play freely without having to worry about their data or funds being stolen by hackers.

How Safe is EPS?

When it comes to the safety and security of data and finances, EPS is easily one of the best payment methods a player can count on. EPS is subject to federal regulation by the Austrian government because its parent company, STUZZA, developed the system in tandem with the Austrian banking system, which is also subject to strict regulation.

In terms of the platform itself, EPS uses the same state of the art technology to encrypt player info that banks use to protect their client's account information. So hackers rarely waste time trying to crack those firewalls.

How to set up an EPS account?

Austrian players who wish to have access to the EPS payment method are not required to open an EPS bank account. The service will already be included when they open an Austrian bank account. The process of opening a bank account in Austria would have some standard requirements, but there may be some instances between banks where requirements vary.

Who can open an EPS account?

As stated above, there is no account registration to have access to EPS as a payment method. Players would need to have an Austrian bank account to have access to this method. While minors can open a bank account in most cases with an adult present, in order to play at an online casino, players will have to prove that they are of legal gambling age. Once that is confirmed, they can select EPS as a payment method to fund their online casino account.

The EPS payment method is restricted to players with Austrian bank accounts, who are the legal gambling age.

How fast are transactions processed?

One of the things that set EPS apart from other payment methods is the speed in which it processes transactions. EPS provides players with the benefit of instant deposits and withdrawals. This is a big improvement from other services, which can sometimes delay withdrawals for up to 5 business days.



While many people from Europe travel to Las Vegas and other hot gambling destinations to experience everything these amazing cities have to offer, it’s not feasible for everyone all the time. Luckily, however, online casinos give players the chance to win big! Without having to pay for expensive flights and hotels.

As online casinos became more prevalent in countries like Austria, it became obvious that a payment method needed to be offered that could ensure players felt safe at all times while playing their favorite casino games at home.

In a world where personal data and financial information is a hot commodity for hackers, STUZZA rose to the occasion and worked hard to develop a breakthrough payment method that was exclusive to Austrian players and offered the security of bank-level internet protection. EPS gets 2 thumbs up from us as a trusted source that Austrian players can confide in.


Top EPS Casino for January

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