romania regulator
Compliance 18-08-2020

The Regulator of Romania Adds 20 New iGaming Sites To Blacklist

Internet Services Provider To Block 20 Gaming Websites The Romanian regulator states that these 20 new websites are unauthorized and it should be further blocked by the internet service provider of Romania. The internet service provider will block these sites within two weeks after receiving the approval from the regulator. Currently, there are 1,184 internet […]

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license fee relief
Compliance 14-08-2020

Imperial Pacific International Requests Relief of its US$15.5 Million Annual License Fee to Commonwealth Casino Commission

In the letter, the company has requested abatement in its annual licensing fee up to US$15.5 million, which it failed to pay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chairman Issues Public Statement Expressing Disappointment After receiving the request, the Commonwealth Casino Commission released some official statements about the current events that are happening around IPI. Edward […]

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egba consumer rights
Compliance 13-08-2020

EGBA Calls for Consumer Rights for European iGaming Industry

The European Commission will soon introduce its new consumer strategies and plans at the end of 2020. Now, EGBA has asked EC to implement this consumer rights demand into the new strategy. It is recently discussing a roadmap with stakeholders in order to support the development of a single set of pan European consumer rights. […]

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uk betting and gambling commission
Casino News 13-08-2020

UK’s Betting and Gambling Commission Expresses Dismay Over Latest Reopening Delay

The country imposed drastic measures to stop the spread of the deadly pathogen. The economy of the country dropped massively because of the continuing spread of the virus. UK’s economy fell to a record 20.4 percent in the second quarter, pushing it down to the recession, because of the lockdowns imposed to curb the spread […]

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black market germany
Compliance 11-08-2020

New Gaming Laws May Fuel Black Market in Germany, Says GVC

As per the new law, it would enable the registration to a specific number of online poker games, virtual slot machines, and sports betting providers. The regulation will also allow a selected number of online game suppliers. The Purpose of German Gambling Laws The emergence of gaming laws in Germany is an outcome of an […]

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European Gambling Commissions
Casino News 11-08-2020

European Gambling Commissions Adapts Strict Rules On Legal Online Gambling

More countries worldwide are moving towards the legalization of their online gambling industry. The world’s outlook towards online gaming changed from a more positive perspective because of its potential to produce massive revenue if adequately regulated. Countries with legislation on online gambling, such as Macau and the US, proved the industry’s capability to stimulate growth. […]

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gambling in germay
Casino News 10-08-2020

Gambling in Germany – Favourite Games & Gambling Industry Statistics

Since its early days, gambling has found a way to move with the times and allow easier access for players to enjoy a chance at winning big. From its early beginnings as traveling riverboat casinos to online video slots that players can enjoy from their homes, the gambling industry has always found a way to […]

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spanish gambling market
Compliance 10-08-2020

CT Gaming Interactive Receives License To Operate Across Spanish Markets

A few days back, the company has secured a license to offer its online content to the top regulated markets of Spain. Under the license, the company will exploit the potential of Spanish markets and grow its business to the next heights. CT Gaming Interactive’s broad range of games will soon be available and live […]

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casino de monte carlo
Casino News 10-08-2020

Casino de Monte Carlo’s Appearance in Pop Culture

The world’s most renowned casino was founded in 1863 by the royal decree of Prince Charles II. Since then, the casinos attracted the world’s wealthiest people. The casino is famous not only because of its beautiful Beaux-Arts architectural design but also because of the elegance it portrays and the exciting gambling experience it provides. People […]

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casino industry may lose jobs
Casino Industry News 04-08-2020

UK Gaming Council Warns Casino Industry May Lose 6,000 Jobs

The Prime Minister added that the industry may lose 6,000 jobs permanently because of the current coronavirus pandemic. The UK government recently changed its plans to reopen the casino industry on August 1. The country’s Betting and Gaming Council said that this decision has a huge impact on the industry that was forced to completely […]

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