Latest News 26-06-2019

What are the basics of property investment?

What are the basics of property investment? In order to succeed in the ever-evolving landscape of property investment, a few basics need to be known first. This will ensure that you have safeguards during your activity, as well as a strategic mind when navigating this field. After all, it’s always best to be informed before […]

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Business 01-04-2019

Top Tips for Starting A Gardening Business

A gardening business can be hugely rewarding and profitable. A report by Oxford Economics states that in 2017 alone, the horticulture industry was worth £24.2 billion and supported 568,700 jobs. It’s clear that this is an industry worth pursuing if you enjoy the great outdoors and want to work for yourself. Here, we look at […]

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Latest News 20-02-2019

Unforeseen expenses for the homeowner

When you first buy your own home, you need to adjust to dealing with all the things that were previously dealt with by your landlord or family members. If you’re not alert to that fact, you can find yourself swamped by costs that you didn’t take into account, and this gets some first time buyers […]

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Latest News 07-02-2019

What’s Next for Online Estate Agents?

What’s Next for Online Estate Agents?   At the start of 2018, online estate agents were being touted as the next big thing. After all, in the final quarter of 2017 their share was up 13% from the previous quarter to 6% of the overall market.   Sure, this was below what many had predicted […]

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Consumer Advice 07-02-2019

Is a Current Account Mortgage Right for You?

Is a Current Account Mortgage Right for You? As mortgage rates rise throughout both the UK and the world, borrowers are looking for a way to save money and lower their payments. Buyers should look beyond the traditional mortgages to reduce the obligations on a mortgage. In rising interest rate environments, unconventional mortgages may help […]

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Consumer Advice 21-01-2019

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A House In Spain

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A House In Spain   Buying a new home is an exciting new adventure to embark on. This home is likely to play an important role in your life, it could be a place where most of your fondest memories will be created and somewhere that you will spend a […]

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Latest News 27-11-2018

Investing in international real estate? How to source the cash

When buying real estate abroad there are a host of different factors to consider. It’s likely that you’ll need to think about local laws and regulations, while you’ll also have to give yourself enough time to make sure the transaction goes through smoothly. One of the main things you’ll have to consider, of course, is […]

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Business 06-10-2018

How CFD trading can jump-start your property portfolio

Investing in the property market is something that many investors consider, yet the large amount of initial capital required can be a problem. One way to get around the problem and to get started on your property portfolio is to gain a foothold through CFD trading. What is CFD trading? CFD trading enables you to […]

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Education 26-09-2018

Best student towns to invest in student accommodation revealed

Student towns have long been hot spots for buy-to-let investment and it’s easy to see why, students are natural renters and in some areas they may well stay on after they finish their degree either for post-graduate study or for work. These days, however, the fact that student towns are such thriving buy-to-let markets means […]

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Latest News 03-07-2018

Study shows widespread financial distress and risk of insolvency among estate agents

Accounting and insolvency firm Moore Stephens have released a study showing significant pressure on real estate agents across the country. The study’s figures showed 153 agents went insolvent in the last year, compared with 148 the year before. Furthermore, around 7,000 – 27% of the total number throughout the nation – were showing “signs of […]

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