age verification
Compliance 01-07-2020

KSA Warns Operators To Assure Age Verification Controls

According to the latest survey, more than 15% of people between the age group 16 to 17 are found to perform gambling from the past few years. A survey was published where the age group between 16 to 30 polled about gambling behavior. It was found that three different age groups that are from 24 […]

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richard desmond the national lottery
Latest News 30-06-2020

Richard Desmond is Recently Bidding to Conduct the National Lottery

However, the government is still looking for answers when about his connection with Robert Jenrik. The housing secretary ran to attain the approval for property development of over 1 billion pounds. The interesting this was that Robert was found to sit right after Richard Desmond at a Tory fundraising event after which he took this […]

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portugal gambling regulator
Compliance 30-06-2020

Portuguese Gambling Regulator Issues License to Bidluck

The regulator had already issued 22 licenses before, and this is the 23rd that is granted in the sovereignty. Under this license, all online, as well as land-based casinos, lottery, bingo, poker, and sports betting are operated. This 23rd license has validity for only three years from the date of its approval. The license was […]

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Data Protection Code
Compliance 29-06-2020

Speel Verantwoord Manifests Support to Novel Data Protection Code for Online Gambling Industry by EGBA

As a part of the endorsement, Speel Verantwoord will foster this new code to its members as well as stimulate other gambling firms to follow it in the Netherlands. What Is the Purpose Behind the Code? This new EGBA’s code of conduct for the gambling operators will offer assistance in the workflow of their data […]

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Head of Legal and Compliance
Compliance 26-06-2020

Abigail Wahnon is Declared The Head of Legal and Compliance at ALOT Solutions

Abigail Wahnon Intents to Boost Business Of ALOT Solutions Abigail Wahnon is a versed lawyer with immense international experience in commercial and corporate sectors. Over the past ten years, she has worked as Legal and Regulatory, Senior Management in various companies spread over Spain, UK, and Gibraltar. Before joining ALOT Solutions, she worked at Nektan. […]

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facebook removes gambling pages
Compliance 25-06-2020

Facebook Removes 36 Unlicensed Operator’s Gambling Pages In Norway

Regulator Overseas Companies That Violates Gambling Laws According to the gambling regulator, these unlicensed gambling operators have been leveraging Facebook to publicize their products and services to the citizens of Norway. All the content on these 36 pages was written in the Norwegian language so that the citizens can easily register on their respective sites. […]

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Supreme Court Declines Tax Appeal
Bingo 25-06-2020

Supreme Court Declines Tax Appeal Of Bingo Club Operator

UK VAT Regulations And Change in Laws The Principal VAT Directive of November 28, 2006, still follows in the UK. It develops a prevailing system of VAT for the state members of the EU union. The major UK legislation is the VAT regulations of 1995 and the VAT act 1994. The current dispute has emerged […]

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payment issues
Compliance 24-06-2020

Online Casinos In Switzerland Undergoes Major Payment Issues

The Swiss reporters have also published that during their initial survey, more than thousands of francs were missing from the customer’s account. Now, casino authorities and government are looking for the reasons behind this major event. The Cause Behind the Payment Controversy The Swiss reporters claimed that victims have transferred money in their online casino […]

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NHL draft lottery
Latest News 23-06-2020

NHL Draft Lottery 2020 Reveals Its Lottery Format

The winning team’s general manager along with the skater of North American Alexis Lafreniere will be seen on the Zoom app. They will be available if the players from any of the seven groups win the top picks of the lottery. NHL Draft 2020 Lottery Format The top three selections in this event will be […]

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“ANJ” Has Been Announced As The French Regulator
Compliance 23-06-2020

The Latest Gambling Authority “ANJ” Has Been Announced As The French Regulator

ANJ Extends Powers And Regulatory Scope In 2019, France has revised its legal standards and framework for gambling. Now, ANJ is set as a new gambling authority in the gambling market of France. It follows another administrative authority, ARJEL along with extending power and regulatory scope. Now, it will superintend all the operations of both […]

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