Latest News 05-12-2018

8 Tips on Recording a Business Screencast

Screen recorder is crucial for any online marketer who wants to generate a good ROI from the products they launch online. With a screen recorder, you can make videos to advertise about your digital products and post them on video sharing sites. If done correctly, your video will be able to engage a lot of […]

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Business 29-10-2018

Why Smart Card Systems Are The Best Option For Loyalty Programmes

Smart cards are the ideal solution for any business considering starting up or upgrading its loyalty programme. They are affordable, easily branded, work offline and don’t need a high-cost system to operate. What’s more, they are simple to issue, secure and can be used for multiple purposes, such as a membership card, ID card or […]

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Healthcare 19-09-2018

5 Ways Hospitals Benefit From RFID Tracking

Keeping track of everything in a hospital is a significant challenge. Knowing the whereabouts of patients, staff, pharmaceuticals and life-saving equipment in these large and often complex buildings is crucial if the hospital is to function properly and provide the best care for patients. The solution for many NHS Trusts has been to implement RFID […]

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Education 12-09-2018

The Explosive Popularity of International Online Teaching

Technological advances throughout the years have made it possible for teachers to break out of the classroom with their lesson plans. Today there are numerous websites that offer students all over the world the chance to learn a wide variety of things from American teachers. VIPKid is just one example. This wewebsite helps Chinese students […]

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Business 11-09-2018

New Folding Devices from Samsung to Create New Segment

Samsung recently announced the introduction of a device with a flexible screen with some real bending capability. The concept of bending devices has been a thing for the better part of the last decade, with LG and Samsung both having come up with flexible displays. There are some unique issues with flexible mobile devices that […]

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Business 07-09-2018

Is the Government Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Technology has progressed at an unprecedented speed over the past several years, which has resulted in numerous innovations in robotics and machine vision. These advancements mean that Artificial Intelligence is smarter than ever. In fact, AI is superior to humans in some regards, including translation and speech recognition. Many firms have started investing a lot […]

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Business 21-06-2018

TSB’s IT migration done without proper testing, says IBM

Further pressure has come on TSB in relation to April’s disastrous IT meltdown, as a report by software firm IBM has been released. The report, prepared by IBM after being hired by TSB to deal with the incident, was released today by the Financial Conduct Authority, raising questions over the processes used by TSB prior […]

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Latest News 21-06-2018

Banks looking at the introduction of biometric card verification

The world could soon see an upgrade to the chip and pin card protection currently used by most providers. As reported by the Sun, leading banks are working on development of biometric technology – namely fingerprint scanners – to verify the use of credit and debit cards. Fingerprint verification has come to much larger prominence […]

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Latest News 19-06-2018

Amazon shareholders pressure company to stop sale of facial recognition tech

A number of Amazon’s shareholders have voiced concern over the company’s facial recognition technology. The group penned a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos, asking the company to stop sales of the tool called “Rekognition” to police and government organisations. The pressure comes after a report from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) earlier this year, […]

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Business 13-06-2018

Harvey Nichols and Hero partner for new online shopping experience

Luxury department store Harvey Nichols has taken a step towards the future of retail shopping, partnering with tech startup Hero to offer a “live shopping” experience for their online customers. The innovative new technology allows customers to be connected with Harvey Nichols’ product experts and stylists in real time, while they shop on the store’s […]

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