Healthy & Beauty 12-09-2018

Why So Many People Don’t Get Results with Time Management

A lot of people try their best to manage their time as effectively as possible, but for many it just doesn’t seem to work. Ana Calle, who is s a current PhD student in Texas, says that everything she has tried works for a while, but then it just doesn’t. Today there are tons of […]

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Business 07-09-2018

Is the Government Ready for Artificial Intelligence?

Technology has progressed at an unprecedented speed over the past several years, which has resulted in numerous innovations in robotics and machine vision. These advancements mean that Artificial Intelligence is smarter than ever. In fact, AI is superior to humans in some regards, including translation and speech recognition. Many firms have started investing a lot […]

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Aviation 22-06-2018

Airbus says UK jobs at risk with no-deal Brexit

Aeronautical giant Airbus has warned of potential “crisis actions” with the possibility of a no-deal Brexit looming. They have said serious consideration is being given to moving manufacturing away from Britain once it leaves the EU, with sites in North America, China, and Europe preferred. The company employs 14,000 people in the UK, and has […]

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Business 21-06-2018

Tesco pulling big brands from shelves as part of “Project Reset”

The UK’s largest supermarket is making radical changes in their ranging, as thousands of well-known brands disappear from the shelves. The move is part of an initiative dubbed “Project Reset”. Beginning in 2015, it entails an attempt by Tesco to streamline their brand choices. With the market dominated more and more by discount retailers such […]

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Aviation 18-06-2018

Pressure from climate change groups around new Heathrow runway

The government’s support for a third runway at Heathrow airport is coming under scrutiny from leading environmental groups. While parliament has come out and backed the airport’s expansion plans, the groups are concerned about potential climate change implications, as increased traffic likely brings increased greenhouse gas emissions. Government advisory group the Committee on Climate Change, […]

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Employment 13-06-2018

UK employment figures up, while wage growth dips

Britain’s employment rate sits at a record high of 75.6% for the three months up to April, the Office for National Statistics showed. 146,000 jobs were added in the year’s first quarter, a number that eclipsed the 120,000 expected. Slightly over 32 million are now in work, with an unemployment rate of just 4.2%, the […]

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Business 12-06-2018

New rules force companies to justify pay gap

The government is set to announce new rules, which will force big businesses in the UK to make gap between executive and worker pay public. The laws, which will apply to companies of 250 employees or more, also means companies will need to justify the salaries given to top bosses. The move comes as a […]

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Business 08-06-2018

Amazon to boost UK with 2500 new jobs

Amid Brexit-related uncertainty, the British workforce has received good news with retail giant Amazon committed to adding 2500 new permanent jobs before the end of the year. The positions, which include 650 head office positions, will take the number employed by the company in Britain to around 27,500. Amazon’s UK Country Manager Doug Gurr said […]

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Latest News 31-05-2018

UK house prices dropping, per Nationwide data

Nationwide Building Society released figures showing a seasonally adjusted drop of 0.2% in house prices in May. Statistics had price growth at 2.6% in April, which was now sitting at 2.4%. The decline comes amid rough economic conditions for UK residents, including tight household budgets and potential interest rate increases. The mortgage lender’s findings showed […]

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