Latest News 14-02-2020

Learning Modern Business Lessons from Online Casinos and Bookmakers

As a modern take on a classic form of entertainment, the online casino industry is one which has reached a rare level of success. While it is true that betting and gambling has a strong base level of appeal, it should also be noted that the work that the online casino industry has put into […]

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Industrial 12-02-2020

UK reduces its oil imports by over 75 million barrels in five years

New tool charts global commodity trading over the last decade China has overtaken the USA as the world’s biggest importer of oil The UK is the 8th best European country at reducing its oil imports   The UK has reduced its oil imports by more than a fifth (21%) in five years, a new online […]

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Latest News 10-01-2020

Guide to travel without stress

When you hear the word vacation, a lot of things come to mind. You want to take a break from the routine and enjoy those days in the year, without responsibilities. Just you and your recreation. It’s hard to get out of your routine when you stay home on vacation. Thinking about doing something different […]

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Business 31-12-2019

How to Get Started Using an ePOS for the First Time

An electronic point of sale system can revolutionize your business. Was your previous cash register severely limiting you? It could accept cash and credit card payments, but it probably could not accept other forms of e-payments, let alone provide you with in-depth reports about your sales history and inventory.  If you are thinking that it’s […]

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Entertainment 02-12-2019

10 Types Of Slots Games Available Online

At the end of the day, online slots are meant to be fun. If you’re not having a good time, you’re playing the wrong game. The good news is that online casinos have many different slots to play. But picking the right game is more than just enjoying yourself.  If you don’t, you may not […]

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Latest News 12-09-2019

Virtual PBX:the service that every entrepreneur needs

No matter if you are a new person in the world of entrepreneurship or if you already have experience in the field of business, a Virtual PBX will be an excellent option to reduce the operating costs of your office. What is a Virtual PBX? It is essentially a VoIP service that allows employees and […]

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Latest News 05-09-2019

All You Need To Know About Virtual Reality Casino

With the advancement in technology, it is nothing strange to see virtual reality making way into every online casino in UK. However, before you can make the most out of a virtual reality casino, there is a need to understand how it works and the components needed to have an immersive experience. Consequently, we have […]

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Business 29-08-2019

What Are the Benefits of an All in One ePOS System

When you think about an ePOS system, you likely think of a tool that streamlines the transaction process. And while it’s true that an ePOS system will minimize the time it takes for a customer to complete their purchase, the benefits of this system go far beyond transactions. An ePOS system is worth its weight […]

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Latest News 15-08-2019

Smart Ways to Future-Proof a Home

Is your home future-proofed? That trendy term is now common lingo among real estate and design professionals. Future-proofing is a process homeowners undertake to make sure their abode can withstand coming technological and other important changes. The key concept is to make your home a place where you can live, long-term, without having to move. […]

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Consumer Advice 24-07-2019

Comparison Sites and the Rise of the Savvy Consumer

In the last decade or so, the average consumer has experienced a profound series of changes in the ways they can purchase products and services. Online shopping is obviously the biggest change, and this purchasing channel is likely to increase and diversify over the coming years. If we aren’t ordering items from Amazon or doing […]

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