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Business 21-01-2019

The Importance Of Etiquette In Co-Working Spaces

Conscientious Coworking – The Importance Of Etiquette In Coworking Spaces Shared space, as in coworking shared space, looks like a great way to get down to business on a daily business. With a room full of creative, motivated professionals, young and old, the tendency is to see the space as a communal one where everyone […]

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Latest News 21-01-2019

How to monetise your blog

Many people have blogs these days, but that should not dissuade someone from starting one of their own. On an obvious level, blogging gives people the opportunity to regularly express their views and flex their intellectual muscles. But much more excitingly, it could lead to a decent income. There are a number of ways to […]

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Business 08-01-2019

Why a telecoms audit could generate large savings for your business

As a business owner, you’re always looking out for areas where you can cut costs, but you might not have properly considered your telecoms bill. Telecommunications can be a large expense, but necessary nonetheless. However, it can cause a dilemma when the cost of telecoms bills seems to be eating away at your company’s finances. […]

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Finance News 02-01-2019

Review focus: Global Great Hotels: answering investment and holiday needs?

What choice does the British public have when it comes to property investment in Europe? Many of us have always dreamt of owning a property abroad, especially in the likes of Spain, where let’s face it, it’s cheap and easy to get to, and not too “foreign” for us!  But where do we start?  As […]

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Business 13-12-2018

Volo Corporate Ltd’s Goal of Improving Self-Service Advertising

Volo Corporate Ltd is a Cyprus-based company that specializes in developing advertising technologies for digital marketers. At the core of the company’s mission is the idea that the online advertising ecosystem should be more accessible to more people. To this end, Volo Corporate Ltd’s focus has been to developed systems that are easy-to-ease and intuitive […]

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Banking 13-12-2018

Are Expats Returning To The UK?

Are expats returning to the UK? The effect of Brexit is set to have many implications, but an area proving to go under the radar is the effect this will have on British expats. It appears that expats are selling their European properties and returning to the UK, due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, currency […]

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Latest News 05-12-2018

8 Tips on Recording a Business Screencast

Screen recorder is crucial for any online marketer who wants to generate a good ROI from the products they launch online. With a screen recorder, you can make videos to advertise about your digital products and post them on video sharing sites. If done correctly, your video will be able to engage a lot of […]

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Finance News 04-12-2018

The UK’s FCA contemplates banning crypto CFDs and futures

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is looking into the prospect of prohibiting the trading of cryptocurrencies via contracts for difference (CFDs) and futures. The FCA’s executive director of strategy and competition, Christopher Woolard, recently spoke at an FCA Cryptoasset Taskforce event and intimated that the Authority was weighing up banning cryptocurrency retail trading. During […]

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Entertainment 30-11-2018

Are You ‘Investing’ In the National Lottery?

Nobody invests in the National Lottery, but we often set up our direct debits as we do and then watch as the money leaves and our numbers don’t come in. Let’s face it, the National Lottery funds some very good causes, nobody can argue about that, but most of us play for the chance to […]

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Finance News 29-11-2018

Fine tune your Forex trading strategy

Like any other ones in this planet, the trading edge also has a core of it. That thing is called the trading edge. This thing is the combination of all the things related to the trading process. The plans and strategies of this business are also the part of the trading edge. All the traders […]

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