Latest News 28-08-2019

Top 5 spectacular places to visit in Israel

Whether you want to experience the famous Biblical places first-hand, or you are just looking to have some fun, Israel won’t disappoint you. The Middle Eastern country is home to some of the most famous destinations for Christians. These destinations include Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem. Apart from the Biblical and ancient locations, Israel also boasts […]

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Business 11-09-2018

New Folding Devices from Samsung to Create New Segment

Samsung recently announced the introduction of a device with a flexible screen with some real bending capability. The concept of bending devices has been a thing for the better part of the last decade, with LG and Samsung both having come up with flexible displays. There are some unique issues with flexible mobile devices that […]

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Latest News 07-09-2018

8 Places with a Cost of Living So Low You Can Quit Your Job

Everyone has fantasized about just walking away from their job and going to somewhere beautiful to live out the rest of their days. Most people don’t actually go through with it because it just doesn’t seem possible. The truth is that there are a number of places all over the world with incredibly scenery and […]

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Business 23-06-2018

BMW follows Airbus in issuing Brexit warning

German carmaker BMW have become the latest big manufacturer to warn Britain about the potential impact of a no-deal exit. The company’s UK boss Ian Robertson told the BBC that clarity is needed on how regulations are going to operate once Britain leaves the EU in March next year. “If we don’t get clarity in […]

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Business 21-06-2018

TSB’s IT migration done without proper testing, says IBM

Further pressure has come on TSB in relation to April’s disastrous IT meltdown, as a report by software firm IBM has been released. The report, prepared by IBM after being hired by TSB to deal with the incident, was released today by the Financial Conduct Authority, raising questions over the processes used by TSB prior […]

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Latest News 21-06-2018

Banks looking at the introduction of biometric card verification

The world could soon see an upgrade to the chip and pin card protection currently used by most providers. As reported by the Sun, leading banks are working on development of biometric technology – namely fingerprint scanners – to verify the use of credit and debit cards. Fingerprint verification has come to much larger prominence […]

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Business 14-06-2018

RAC calls out retailers for unreasonably high petrol prices

Retailers are facing heat for the price of petrol, which sit at their highest point since 2014, despite falling wholesale rates. Current average prices have unleaded at £1.29 per litre, and diesel at £1.33. The prices have risen every day since late March. The RAC called for retailers to stop the price rises. Company spokesperson […]

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Business 12-06-2018

Rolls-Royce planning job cuts

In an attempt to increase profits, Rolls-Royce is poised to cut over 4,000 jobs. The cuts, which reports say will be announced later this week, come as a part of simplifying the company’s middle-management and administrative structure. JP Morgan analysts estimated the cuts could save £200 million within the next three years. A Rolls-Royce spokesman […]

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Business 08-06-2018

Premier League chief Richard Scudamore to step down

After almost 20 years in charge, the Premier League’s executive chairman Richard Scudamore is to resign by the end of this year. Scudamore announced the news in front of EPL shareholders a their meeting in London. The 58 year old made a statement, saying: “It’s an absolute privilege to have been allowed to enjoy this […]

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Business 08-06-2018

Northwest clubs lead record Premier League revenues

Deloitte’s Sports Business Group has released their annual review of football finance, finding positive results for the English Premier League, lead by five Northwest clubs. Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton and Burnley combined to earn approximately £1.7 billion in revenue for 2016/17, out of £4.5 billion total from the league’s 20 clubs. Three of […]

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