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Consumer Advice 21-02-2019

What Are the Top Money Pit Items in Your Life and What to Do About Them?

Most people are familiar with the term “money pit” in that it is an item that you are constantly pouring money into with no end in sight. This constant drain on your finances can lead to a lot of stress and unnecessary expenses in your life. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear what the money pit […]

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Latest News 20-02-2019

Unforeseen expenses for the homeowner

When you first buy your own home, you need to adjust to dealing with all the things that were previously dealt with by your landlord or family members. If you’re not alert to that fact, you can find yourself swamped by costs that you didn’t take into account, and this gets some first time buyers […]

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Entertainment 13-02-2019

5 High-Growth Investment Opportunities in the Entertainment Industry

Savvy investors are always on the lookout for the next big thing. While it might not be possible to predict which company is going to become the next Facebook or Google, entire industries are built around conducting the kind of strenuous market research needed to pre-empt which companies are about to take off, so you […]

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Finance News 11-02-2019

The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Finance Apps

Even though the whole cryptocurrency industry is currently in the middle of a bear market that has seen the value of some coins drop by as much as 90%, most people now agree that major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are here to stay.  Many believe that 2019 will be the year that institutional investors will finally […]

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Automotive 11-02-2019

How To Save money Running A Car

How to Save Money Running a Car Car ownership is expensive. From fuel and servicing costs to road tax and MOTs, we all pay dearly for the privilege of having four wheels at our disposal. Yet for many people, a car is a necessity rather than a luxury. In this article, we are going to […]

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Latest News 07-02-2019

What’s Next for Online Estate Agents?

What’s Next for Online Estate Agents?   At the start of 2018, online estate agents were being touted as the next big thing. After all, in the final quarter of 2017 their share was up 13% from the previous quarter to 6% of the overall market.   Sure, this was below what many had predicted […]

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Consumer Advice 07-02-2019

Is a Current Account Mortgage Right for You?

Is a Current Account Mortgage Right for You? As mortgage rates rise throughout both the UK and the world, borrowers are looking for a way to save money and lower their payments. Buyers should look beyond the traditional mortgages to reduce the obligations on a mortgage. In rising interest rate environments, unconventional mortgages may help […]

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Consumer Advice 07-02-2019

5 Student Life Hacks to Get You Through the Deadline Period

5 Student Life Hacks to Get You Through the Deadline Period   All is good and well when the exciting time comes to leave for uni, but a few months in you get to experience that dreadful time that students commonly refer to as the “deadline period.” So, when that time comes, it’s important to […]

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Finance News 07-02-2019

Why the US is Embracing Sports Betting, and What That Means for the UK

Why the US is Embracing Sports Betting, and What That Means for the UK It’s an exciting time for the world of sports betting, particularly in the US. After years of resistance, state governments and team owners are beginning to open their doors to the practice, with 8 states having legalised it. Meanwhile, the bill […]

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Entertainment 06-02-2019

Why Do We Love Money in Our Entertainment?

Money. It makes the world go around, it can’t buy you love, and it’s always on some people’s minds. But why are we so fascinated with money and the things that it can do. People with vast quantities of wealth attract a lot of attention and a lot of media helps to showcase these individuals […]

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